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Truly designed for the contemporary man & woman, Oxford’s collection of workwear is an extended style statement. We have worked with industry experts, in-house designers, and fabric specialists to create a range that redefines formal choices for workplaces and beyond. From luxury shirts, work pants, woven suit trousers and silk ties for men to dresses and suit jackets for women, our selection represents fashion moments of modern times.

Oxford focuses on variety, fabric quality, and finesse in the craft, promising something riveting for every event. Our work clothes also feature a wide assortment of materials, prints, and colours, adding layers of options for closets across the globe. As a local Australian brand, we strive to do better for our environment by creating products that stand the test of time.  

Choosing workwear for your wardrobe

Because every working man spends almost one-third or more of his day at work, having a versatile closet is desirable. For work shirts, we have stocked striped and check varieties, while our solid luxury shirts stand out for comfort & charm. As for accessories, we have included high-end designer cuff links and elegant silk ties.

Keeping the evolving demands of women at work, we have included Pantone shaded-jackets, stunning formal dresses, chic skirts, and much more. Each product is available in unique sizes and fits to accommodate our expansive customer base.

Workwear should be an extension of one’s personal style, keeping up with the norms of the workplace. The idea is to pick a selection that allows room to experiment with looks. With subtle pastel shades and more vibrant picks for special days, customers can find new reasons to style with Oxford.

Things to consider when buying workwear

Comfort, style, and elegance are the three most crucial factors for choosing workwear, and we have been extremely particular with our choice of fabrics, materials, prints, and colours. Find the right style that flatters your personality, and because you would be wearing our workwear collection all through the day, we have included products to suit all days of the week. Our selection of women’s workwear promises everything for day-to-night formal events.

Types of workwear

It really depends on your personal choices. For men, we usually recommend suit blazers, work pants, ties, cufflinks, and our exclusive range of linen shirts. Women can explore dresses, skirts, suit pants, blazers, and much more. We are an inclusive brand with all sizes in stock. Kindly check the size chart for applicable products to find more details on the fit.

Latest trends in workwear

Blending styles and experimenting with colours have been the go-to trends. We have created each product to allow more room for styling. Whether you are someone who prefers to create a new look each day or likes to play it safe at work, we have ensured there’s no room for workwear ideas in our store. Explore new textures and classic fabrics across all categories and find your picks.

Shop Workwear Clothes Online in Australia

At our store, we ensure free shipping on all orders over $75, and we are here to ensure that your shopping experience remains as pleasurable as p