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Mens Polo Shirts


Mens Polo Shirts

Explore our range of polo shirts and discover a contemporary take on a timeless classic. Made from quality fabrics in a range of styles, the Oxford polo is a staple piece for the modern man. The definition of smart yet casual, the polo shirt is a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. We stock a wide selection of men's polo shirts with block colours and prints, both available from our online store. A modern polo is an essential addition to every man's wardrobe, providing the basis for any on-trend men’s fashion look. Perfect for evenings out with friends or fun-filled weekend days, polo t-shirts add a touch of class to any outfit. With our selection of polo brands and styles, it's easier than ever to find the ideal polo shirt to match your lifestyle.

The versatility of a classic men’s polo

Polo shirts have been a fashion mainstay for decades, with the collar, buttons and optional pocket bringing a sense of sophistication to any outfit. Originally worn by polo players in the 1920s, these short-sleeved shirts are made with a variety of fabrics and are available in a range of fits. While the traditional knitted cotton polo is still a big hit, you can also buy polo shirts in standard cotton and synthetic fabrics to suit your personal style.
Discover our men’s polo shirts, made with 100% cotton for a luxuriously soft texture that radiates style and class. We also offer styles crafted with our popular cotton-poly blend, which is known for its wrinkle-free effect. With an impressive array of collar options to choose from and thoughtful design details like ribbed sleeves, fashionable slim fits and more traditional cuts, Oxford’s collection of men’s polo shirts truly has something for everyone.  The humble polo shirt is an incredibly versatile fashion item with the ability to dress any outfit up or down with ease. Depending on the occasion, you can effortlessly pair a polo shirt with shorts or combine it with more formal trousers for a smart yet casual look. Perfect for golf, tennis or drinks with friends — the modern polo shirt has become a fashion staple all over the world.

Elevate your look with premium polo t-shirts

The clean-cut style that a well-made polo can offer is something that is easily noticeable in any outfit. Since 1978, Oxford has delivered a classic and ever-evolving collection, continually adding contemporary touches to this evergreen style. While they have remained an unmistakable fashion item for decades, polo shirts are an item of men’s clothing that can easily transcend your outfit from daywear to nighttime. 

At Oxford, when it comes to the sourcing of our men’s polo shirts, our priority is the quality of the materials used in each of our designs and the fine craftsmanship displayed in their manufacture. We believe in producing outstanding apparel with integrity, which is why all of the materials used to craft our polo shirts have been responsibly sourced. Our goal is to provide our customers with polo shirts that are not only superior in quality but with a shopping experience they can trust.  

Buy men’s polo shirts from the Oxford online store

Explore our men's polo shirts and discover an incredible assortment of colours from soft neutrals to classic shades of white and black. Make a statement with bold geometric and floral prints and choose from pieces featuring a chest pocket or others sporting a more streamlined look. If you want stylish and functional polo shirts for work or play, check out our amazing selection at Oxford men's online clothing and outlet store. 

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Explore our range of polo shirts and discover a contemporary take on ... Read more Read less

Explore our range of polo shirts and discover a contemporary take on a timeless classic. Made from quality fabrics in a range of styles, the Oxford polo is a staple piece for the modern man. The definition of smart yet casual, the polo shirt is a wardrobe staple that will never go ... Read more Read less

What’s the best way to style a polo shirt naturally?

As one of the most versatile pieces of men’s clothing, polo shirts can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the look you are trying to create. For simple and effective casual attire, pair your polo with more relaxed clothing styles and shoes, such as loafers or canvas trainers. Layering your polo shirt with a simple coat can also work well to add warmth and enhance your overall look. Or for a more formal option, complement your polo with a blazer.

Elevating a casual look with the right accessories is an easy way to enhance your style while keeping your outfit classic and simple. A vintage pair of sunglasses or basic leather belt can be a subtle and effortless way to add that extra touch to your look. 

Made from only the finest materials, our polo shirts are designed to look effortlessly stylish and can be paired with chinos, jeans or trousers for casual everyday wear. By investing in the durable quality of the materials we use in our men’s polo shirts, you can wear your favourite polos through multiple generations of fashion trends to come.  

When should I wear a polo shirt?

Men’s polo shirts are a piece of fashionable clothing that can be suitable for many different occasions. From the golf course to the office, a classic polo shirt can be paired with many outfit styles for a look that ranges from casual to smart and fits all kinds of social situations. To take your style up a notch, you may opt to exchange your polo for a more traditional shirt in certain situations but more often than not, polo shirts are considered perfectly acceptable attire in any smart-casual environment.

The beauty of polo t-shirts is that they can be paired with various other clothing styles to change the basis of your look and they can also be worn as a layer to fit all weather conditions as well. A classic men’s polo looks great under some of our modern knitwear styles, using the collar to create a different, textured layer in your look. Whether you are heading out for a casual dinner or catching up with friends, the Oxford range of men’s polo shirts has a style to fit every occasion.

What range of men’s polos do we stock?

The Oxford range of men’s polo shirts encompasses a range of styles from the traditional straight cut polo to the more modern, slim-fitting styles. Our polo shirts come in a wide variety of colours and prints to suit any personal style. Some of our men’s polos feature the traditional button-up look, while our trendier versions are fitted with zips as well as matching banded sleeve hems and collars for a stylish finish. No matter what your unique style preferences are, our collection offers the kind of polos you will love to wear.  

At Oxford, we pride ourselves on offering a collection of original designs and well-made polo t-shirts that keep up with the latest in fashion trends. By adding new styles and designs to our catalogue every week, we know you will never be disappointed with the polo range in our online store.

Should you tuck a polo shirt in?

How you choose to wear your polo shirt is entirely up to you. Everyone has their own sense of style and at Oxford, we pride ourselves on offering men’s polos shirts that can be worn both tucked in and left out to help you achieve the perfect look for you.

For a casual everyday vibe, it is always best to go with untucked polo shirts and t-shirts for men to enhance the relaxed feel in your outfit. However, if you're looking for a more professional look around the office, a tucked polo can be the way to go. You can also pair our men’s polo shirts with a casual suit to dress your tone down from the more rigid corporate styles to create a relaxed office style that never needs a tie. No matter what direction your personal tastes take you in, Oxford has a style to suit everyone.