Save the Children


Oxford is proud to join with Save the Children Australia as a strategic partner.

Save the Children Australia is part of the world’s leading independent children’s organisation, transforming lives and the future we share. Through their advocacy, programs, and initiatives, they fight for child rights, here in Australia, and around the world. 

Our partnership contributes to Save the Children’s programs to help children in need, in Australia and overseas.

You can donate to Save the Children by rounding-up your purchase either in store or online and we’ll pass your donation on. Just select ROUND-UP at the online checkout, or one of our staff will assist you in store.

Along with collecting donations for Save the Children Australia, we will be establishing a clothing and textiles collection service in several stores. The program will involve receiving clothing on behalf of Save the Children where after it will be resold throughout its 80+ store network with the proceeds going to disadvantaged children.

A secondary benefit of the program is that returned clothing is kept out of landfill and given a new life.

Oxford is developing a ‘circular ecosystem’. This roadmap contributes to its climate and biodiversity ambitions based on the below principles:

* Circular products: Creating products that are made to last, from safe, recycled and more sustainably sourced materials (i.e. either naturally grown, cultivated or created using renewable processes) that can recirculate multiple times.

* Circular supply chains: Fuelling systems that recirculate products and support circular production processes and material flows.

* Circular customer journeys: Providing accessible ways to experience and engage in circular fashion where products are used more, repaired, reused, and recycled.