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Oxford is joining with Save the Children Fund as a strategic partner on July 1 2022. 

Together we will be establishing a clothing and textiles collection service in several stores. The program will involve receiving clothing on behalf of STHF whereafter it will be resold throughout its 80+ store network with the proceeds going to disadvantaged children.

A secondary benefit of the program is that returned clothing is kept out of landfill and given a new life.

Oxford is developing a ‘circular ecosystem’. This roadmap contributes to its climate and biodiversity ambitions based on the below principles:

* Circular products: Creating products that are made to last, from safe, recycled and more sustainably sourced materials (i.e. either naturally grown, cultivated or created using renewable processes) that can recirculate multiple times.

* Circular supply chains: Fuelling systems that recirculate products and support circular production processes and material flows.

* Circular customer journeys: Providing accessible ways to experience and engage in circular fashion where products are used more, repaired, reused, and recycled.