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Mens Jackets


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Mens Jackets

When it comes to men's blazers and men’s jackets, making the correct choices can mean the difference between a triumph or a fashion faux pas. But the good news is that blazers encompass a remarkably versatile range of jackets for men, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a look that’s perfectly tailored to your own sense of style. 

But if you’ve never opted for a blazer before, it’s understandable that you might have some questions about the best way to wear them — or even wonder exactly what a blazer is, precisely. 

Well, blazers are a type of men’s jacket which at first glance resemble the jacket of a suit. However, blazers do not have matching trousers — and a closer inspection will also reveal a more informal cut to their form. It may take some practice, but you’ll eventually get to recognise the signs; the slightly different length, the more relaxed look and the overall “feel” of the jacket. 

Nor are blazers quite as casual as a sports coat. Rather, they’re intended as a piece that can straddle a variety of worlds, ranging all the way from formal functions to casual backyard affairs. They serve as a foundational item in your wardrobe, their style able to be altered by the addition of complementing pieces and accessories as well as the surrounding context in which they are worn. 

Trust Oxford's reputation for high-quality blazers for men

Since 1978, Oxford has been bringing high-quality garments for men and women alike to the market. Fashions are temporary, but style is eternal — our focus on quality, beauty and enduring style have ensured that our designs combine an awareness of modern trends with an instinct for an authentic and traditional style. 

We've built a solid reputation in offering some of the best men's blazers throughout Australia. Our streamlined shipping process ensures that you'll get your new blazer quickly, no matter where you may be. We also have a sizing guide that can help you pick out the best fit for your size and body type.

Are you ready to add a stylish and versatile garment to your wardrobe? Maybe you have questions about our stock. Either way, we invite you to take a look and see what we offer. For any questions at all, feel free to contact us today.

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When it comes to men's blazers and men’s jackets, making the correct ... Read more Read less

When it comes to men's blazers and men’s jackets, making the correct choices can mean the difference between a triumph or a fashion faux pas. But the good news is that blazers encompass a remarkably versatile range of jackets for men, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a look that’s perfectly ... Read more Read less

How can you style a blazer casually?

Though blazers are traditionally a formal garment, they’ve become increasingly popular for events that are specifically skewed more towards smart casual or casual dress codes. With just a few different pieces from your wardrobe, you can turn your blazer into a feature of any of your outfits, year-round. 

 One of the easiest ways to create a more casual look with your blazer is to couple it with a pair of jeans or chinos. This alone will provide a notably different look to your outfit, distinct from traditional business suits or slacks. Shorts can also lend a relaxed vibe to your look, with the right fit ensuring that you’ll pull off a presentable combo. 

What you wear under your blazer is arguably almost as important as the blazer itself. Accordingly, your blazer fit should enable you to accommodate additional items beneath, so that you have the option to layer up or down as relevant for the occasion. While a collared shirt may seem like the obvious option — and certainly is a popular choice — one of the great things about blazers is that they offer a relatively unrestrained palette to experiment with. T-shirts and polo shirts are popular choices, both tucked and untucked, to lend a more casual ambience to your look. Similarly, during the cooler months knitwear can also serve as a great choice, keeping you warm while adding a new look to your wardrobe. 

The right accessories will also elevate your look to the next level — a tasteful scarf, beanie, belt, socks or bag can bring in that X factor to ensure that you’re turning heads for all the right reasons. 

Last but certainly not least, footwear is also a crucial consideration. Will you opt for business shoes, slip-ons sans socks or sport shoes? All are great options for a casual look, and it’s worth experimenting with multiple pieces and combinations to ensure that you can feel out what’s comfortable for you and also looks great.

When should I use a blazer or jacket?

There are very few occasions that can’t be improved by wearing a blazer or jacket — a smart jacket for men is an excellent way to pull an entire outfit together. You can easily add an edgy look to your everyday outfits and turn your office attire to nightwear simply by sliding on one of our blazers for men.

In practical terms, blazers have emerged as an increasingly popular choice in the office as a compromise between formal business suits and potentially unprofessional casual attire. This has made them a viable option for men’s clothing in all manner of settings, ranging from the office, to dates, to attending a friend’s backyard party. However, this doesn’t mean that all options are created equally appropriate for all settings. 

It’s well worth taking your time to think about the types of colours, prints and materials that you want to wear. If you’re looking for versatility in your blazers, then it’s worth considering that colours like grey, navy and other dark neutral tones tend to be the most easily adaptable to a variety of settings and styles. While bright colours and bold patterns can be striking — and are definitely recommended to mix up your look from time to time — it’s worth remembering that they are often best saved for specific looks rather than everyday wear. 

Similarly, the material your blazer is made from also has implications for which season you choose to wear it. Woollen blazers epitomise class and style — but during Australia’s warm summers, you may want to opt for a linen blazer instead, to ensure that you stay cool while looking cool. 

What range of men’s jackets do we stock?

Oxford stocks a wide range of styles and brands to suit the aspiring (and discerning) fashion mogul. A stylish jacket or coat is essential to every man’s wardrobe. Our range features everything from blazers to biker jackets that will have you looking great and feeling sharp no matter what the occasion.

We have a range of classic colours, along with timeless patterns that give you a versatile piece for your wardrobe. Tossing on one of our men's blazers can instantly update your style and take you from everyday wear to business casual.

The breathable fabrics are both soft and durable. With some of the most stylish cuts available on the market, Oxford takes great pride in being fashion-forward while keeping a sleek edge. The simple but elegant design on our jackets for men ensures you'll look smart, no matter the occasion.