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Mens Shirts


Mens Shirts

Look sharp in an Oxford collared shirt, crafted from quality fabric and designed for the modern man. Our range features a variety of colours and cuts that will take you from work to the weekend in style.

No wardrobe staple can make your professional or urban casual look stand out quite like a men's shirt from Oxford, we understand the importance of a of great fitting men's shirts and this is why we offer a collection of long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts in the latest styles and patterns.

Round Out Your Professional or Urban Wardrobe with Oxford's Long Sleeve Shirts

A long sleeve shirt can enhance the cut and colour of your business suit and elevate your look to a whole new level. This is why we offer a range of stylish and elegant colours and patterns in our men's shirts collection. They pair perfectly with a classic-cut traditional suit, or you can easily add a vibrant look that turns heads in all the right ways.

All of our men's business shirts come with the highest quality fabric that is breathable and comfortable while not sacrificing style. Our sizing guide ensures you get an excellent fit each time you order from Oxford, and we ship throughout Australia and New Zealand. No matter where you may be, Oxford will work to get your men's short sleeve shirts to your door quickly and efficiently. We also make returns fast and convenient.

Shop Oxford for High-Quality Business Shirts Today!

If you need to update your wardrobe and add a few men's shirts, look no further than our exclusive collections. We're always updating our shirt collection with the latest colours and patterns. You can reach out and get in touch with questions, and we invite you to shop today!

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Look sharp in an Oxford collared shirt, crafted from quality fabric and designed ... Read more Read less

Look sharp in an Oxford collared shirt, crafted from quality fabric and designed for the modern man. Our range features a variety of colours and cuts that will take you from work to the weekend in style. No wardrobe staple can make your professional or urban casual look stand out quite like a men's shirt ... Read more Read less

Men's Shirts FAQ

For every pair of chinos, dress suit pants, or cargo shorts, there is a men’s shirt that completes the look. Slim-fit, soft-stretched polos and men’s business shirts are among the selection available at Oxford. Whether you are a barista or a business mogul, you need the right men’s shirts for your lifestyle.

Browse our selection of men’s short sleeve shirts, men’s business shirts, and long-sleeve shirts for all your men’s shirt needs. Just like a classic pair of men’s jeans never goes out of style, quality men’s shirts can stand the test of time when you make smart choices.

What men’s shirts are in style?

Style is subjective and fickle; what is en vogue one moment can quickly fall out of favour the next. But there are some classic types of shirts that never seem to go out of style. Men’s business shirts are at the top of that list. Whilst certain colours may be more popular from one season to the next, men’s business shirts and dress shirts are relatively unchanging. It is safe to add a few dressy long sleeve shirts and some tasteful ties to your wardrobe as your go-to formal wear.

Other trendsetting shirts hitting the scene include the following:

  • Dots, stripes, and solids — Classic T-shirts are fun, but shirts with fun colours and patterns can help spice things up a bit. We have both men’s short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts in several solid colours. Stripes, dots, palm and leaf prints are tossed into the mix, with a few single-pocket varieties. Whether you like crew necks or V-necks, we have got you covered.
  • Knitwear Vests are especially hot right now and can be worn with men’s short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts under a complementary blazer or men’s jacket.
  • Long-sleeved polos Polos are always a favourite when you are going for a casual look. Long-sleeved polos are clean and timeless. They have the added benefit of making your manly biceps pop, so consider adding a few to your wardrobe. If you want to mix it up even more, experiment with different style necklines on your long-sleeved polo. Henleys bring the best of both crewnecks and V-necks and add a little extra sex appeal.
  • Oxford button-down shirts Long sleeve shirts are perfect for pairing with suits, trousers, chinos, or even your favourite pair of jeans. A casual take on the traditional dress style shirt, Oxfords are perfect for any event. Lighter colours are ideal for business settings, whilst darker shades pair nicely with any pants for a casual feel.

What are the different fits in men’s shirts?

Fit, just like style, is subjective and dependent on personal taste for men’s shirts. When it comes to men’s business shirts, four fit options pair nicely with any men’s suit or coat. Men can choose the one that best matches their personal style.

  • Extreme slim fit is for the fashion-forward man. It is slim through the chest, shoulders, sleeves and waist, and is designed to snugly fit the body. Extreme slim fit shirts usually are tapered through the midsection and waist, and are roomier through the arms and chest.
  • Slim fit is for the trendy man. It is slim across the chest and tapered through the arms, shoulders and sleeves. Slim fit shirts are cut close to the waist.
  • Modern fit is an updated version of the classic tailored look. It is close-fitting without restricting your movement too much through the body, chest, and sleeves.
  • Classic fit is for the man who likes more room throughout the chest and shoulders but prefers a traditional cut in the arms and sleeves.

Long sleeve shirts and men’s short sleeve shirts are fitted differently than dress shirts, but that doesn’t mean there are no rules for how they should look and feel. Here are some guidelines to help in choosing the right casual shirt.

  • Polo shirts should be slim fitting. Keep in mind there is a difference between slim fitting and too tight. If it looks and feels restrictive, it is too small. The sleeves should reach about midway between your shoulder and elbow.
  • T-shirts should conform to the contours of your natural body shape without being too ‘clingy.’ Most T-shirts are designed to be loose on the body. The only exception to this rule is a muscle shirt, which should be very form-fitting.

Should a dress shirt be fitted?

Getting a proper fitting is recommended when you are purchasing dress shirts or men’s business shirts. Accurate measurements require a soft measuring tape and the help of someone knowledgeable in taking the right readings. Here are some tips for taking measurements to ensure a proper fit.

  • Neck measurement. The person who is assisting you should wrap the measuring tape around your neck right below your Adam’s apple. It is imperative the tape sits directly on the skin and is not gapped anywhere. It is normal for the tape measure to sit slightly higher on the back of the neck than the front of the neck. For a proper fitting, your partner’s index finger should be between your neck and the measuring tape. You want it to be snug but not too tight. Once you take the measurement, add 1.27 centimetres to it.
  • Sleeve measurement. To get a proper sleeve measurement, it must be done in stages. First, take a reading with the arms in a relaxed position. The tape measure goes behind the centre of the neck and runs over the top of the shoulder. Hold the tape measure in place there and move to the elbow. Hold the tape measure there and then follow to the wrist, going 2.54 centimetres past the wrist bone. This will give you an approximate sleeve length for any long-sleeve shirts.

How do I know if a shirt fits right?

When all else fails, knowing whether a shirt fits right comes down to the shoulder seams. Regardless of the style of the shirt, the shoulder seams should reach the end of your shoulder at the top of your arm. Shoulder seams that extend down onto the arm are an indication the shirt is too large.