The Men's Guide to Accessorising Like a Boss

Accessorising is more than just matching your belt or tie to your shirt. It's about finding a balance between colours and patterns, and how they fit together into a whole outfit. While working out how to co-ordinate shoes, pants, shirt, tie and jacket all at once can seem like a complex problem, it's a science we can help you out with.

There are four main principles of clothing coordination - pattern, colour, fabric weight, and fabric texture. How you wear these four elements can make a big difference to the end result. Here's our guide to getting it right, so you can master the seemingly effortless style of a well accessorised outfit.


Simple style rule number 1: two plains, one statement. Essentially, you want to keep two thirds of an outfit plain in a solid colour, and one third to make a statement whether with pattern or a bright shade. Take the suit. If your shirt and suit are solid in colour, a plain tie is going to keep your look in boring. Instead go for a patterned tie - it doesn't haven't to be a crazy Dad tie, just some stripes or checks will do.


When in doubt, it's good to go for harmonising colours. If trying to work out what colours go well together leaves you breaking out in a sweat, it's time to go back to an art class basic - the colour wheel. Complementary colours are those directly opposite one another on the wheel and analogous colours sit side-by-side, usually different shades of the same colour. If you want to try a colour combo that's a bit more dynamic, opt for two warm and one cool, or one warm with two cool.


This is the easy part! Choose lightweight fabrics for summer and heavier fabrics for the cooler months.


Texture makes a big statement. It can dress an outfit up or dress it down for a friendlier approach. Again, contrast is key. Think about how you can mix softer fabrics with rougher fabrics. For example, a woolly jumper looks great like a pair of skinny denim jeans, but not so cool with your suit trousers.


Ever heard the phrase the 'devil is in the detail'? It's cause the little things count. Finish off your well-coordinated outfit with these accessories.

Belt: A good belt is the proverbial glue to tie your outfit together. Just remember to keep your shoes and belt matching in colour.

The tie: It's every man's weapon to add a touch of class and professionalism to their outfit. Just remember that 'black tie' doesn't meaning donning a skinny black tie for some hipster cred, it's talking dress code and calls for a bow tie and tux.

The pocket square: Pocket squares are a tad more formal. Don't match your square to your tie and you can't go wrong. If you're completely unsure, wear white cotton.


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