Colour Trend: Blue It Up

For men, there should be a feeling of relief this year with the idea that blue is one of the hottest trends for both formal and casual attire. Blue is an easy colour to pull off, but it's more than just throwing on a pair of blue jeans. With so many shades of blue available this season, there's no excuse not to embrace it in its entirety.

Besides, studies have shown that more than 40 percent of women believe blue is the most flattering colour on a man. Why wouldn't you try it? Chances are that you already own some blue clothing, but if you feel like hitting the shops and refreshing your wardrobe, here's what to look out for:


FITTED TROUSERS: Blue trousers that fit well and are slightly cropped at the ankle look great when teamed with a pair of loafers and a white or grey shirt.

CARDIGAN: Look for a casual cardigan in a rich blue that can be thrown over a cotton shirt on chilly days. For the office, keep shades to a navy wool or knit.

POLO SHIRT: A blue polo shirt over a pair of beige jeans looks casual-chic.

BOMBER JACKET: A blue bomber jacket featuring a subtle print looks stylish over a pair of shorts and runners.

LIGHTWEIGHT SHORTS: Teamed with a singlet and opened shirt, a lightweight pair of shorts offers a fresh, summery look that will keep the cooler autumn chill away.

POWER SUIT: A navy blue power suit has been a classic corporate staple for a number of years, and whether worn with an open collar or with a tie the blue suit will always be a winner.


How to wear blue

When introducing blue to your wardrobe, it's essential you have a good idea of what colours work well with what shades. French blue is a winning hue and compliments most skin tones. You will often find a number of dress shirts in this flattering colour. Navy and royal blue have also always worked well, as has white. But if you feel like being a bit more adventurous, why not try teaming blue with yellow, orange or even pink? A blue blazer over a pair of lemon yellow jeans, for example, can offer a modern-preppy look.If you can't quite bring yourself to go all out, try introducing a pop of blue instead. Just make sure it's worth introducing and that the shade of blue is fun and vibrant. (Tip: If you have great eyes, keep your blue items near your face to enhance your skin and eyes.)


What wearing blue says about you

Colour says a lot about a person, so choosing your shade can speak volumes. If you are channelling a friendly, approachable vibe then lighter tones of blue are your best option. If it's trust and credibility you are after, however, navy is your safest bet. Blue is a colour that has signified power and beauty since the Egyptian times. Some of the attributes that blue clothing suggests include: respect, knowledge, authority, trustworthiness, responsibility, caring and loyalty.


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