The Workwear Update: The Suit

Balancing professionalism and style is often tricky when picking out a business outfit, but there's a lot of versatility in women's suits. Interviews, corporate meetings and events, and general day to day office operations all need a little bit of attention to strike that sophisticated balance and a simple suit can in fact be transitional across a series of outfits.

We've compiled five simple tips and tricks to keep your suit game on point to help you maintain your professional style without breaking the bank on a thousand outfits. One-suit - five ways to wear it.


Above anything, you'll want versatility of outfits, so your suit needs to be simple. Colours and patterns shouldn't be too bold otherwise their use is unfortunately limited. Aim for neutral hues when choosing colours for women's suits; black, grey and navy are ideal. Eye-catching suits stand out, so let the accessories be your statement pieces and your suit will be the maintain the sophistication.



Probably the first outfit that springs to mind when you think women's suits is the classic business formal suit. Pair the suit with a simple neutral coloured, collared shirt and closed toe shoes to keep a formal look to the outfit. Recently, as audiences for binge-worthy TV shows such as Suits have sky-rocketed, items such as the pencil skirt have grown massively in popularity. However, if you're on the lookout for women's suits which are harmonious with various occasions, opt for trousers. Trousers allow you to transition from a business suit environment to look more casual after work if you're going for drinks with colleagues.



A transition from business formal to business casual is super easy with just one suit. Change your top, remove the blazer and let your shirt be the statement piece - patterns or bright colours are key! And if you want an extra little bit of comfort, give your feet a rest and don the flats. Keep that business sophistication but allow yourself to enjoy a little more comfort.



Statement pieces are key with women's suits. And as touched on already, simple suits allow those bold pieces to shine more than they already do. In the colder seasons, an easy piece to pair with your suit as a statement is a coat. Bold patterns, styles and colours really do enhance your look. Accessories also make exceptional statement pieces that bag you haven't quite found the right outfit for yet, but have been dying to pull out of the closet, try it! Simple suits allow these bold outfit choices to work.



Yes, we've been talking about simple suits, but that doesn't mean outfits lose personality altogether. Just little quirks and changes to women's suits can be effective. Whether that be braces to give you a 50s/60s era style, or a particular piece of jewellery or bag,this little bit of personality can elevate your suit more than you might realise.



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