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Style Accessories Every Man Should Own

Even if you're not one to invest too much time into dressing, there are a few essentials. Accessories can be difficult to master as you may find yourself overwhelmed by options. However, if you start off with a few key, versatile pieces you're sure to nail smart style. Check out our picks for fail-safe and timeless accessories.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are sized to perfectly secure all of your essentials while in an easy-to-carry design. Constructed with a cross-body strap, the bag is built to be worn comfortably and out-of-the-way at the lower back, which makes them ideal for work commutes. They have buckle, zipper, magnetic or clasp fastening to protect their contents so you can rest assured everything is where it should be. Aside from functionality, they are a great alternative to briefcases. When you still want to look smart, but don't want to commit to too much formality, this is the bag for you. Leather messenger's are particularly slick, like the Aiden Leather Messenger or Lucas Leather Messenger.

Aiden Leather Messenger
Lucas Leather Messenger

Reversible Belt

No wardrobe is complete without a black and brown belt, so get yourself one that does double the job. A reversible leather belt can go with a whole roster of outfits from your ultra-casual favourite jeans, to those slightly-less-comfortable slim dress trousers. They are also ideal for business trips because, let's be honest, who has space to spare in their weekender? The Archer Leather Reversible Beltis one such essential, beautifully designed for the man who likes options. With black on one side and dark brown on the other, the belt has polished hardware and sits at a width of 3cm.

Carson Leather Reversible Belt
Archer Leather Reversible Belt
Harrison Leather Reversible Belt

Classic Blue Tie

A classic blue tie will remain a permanent part of your roster no matter your age or occupation. An absolute essential for those who work a 9-5, this accessory is an easy go-to for formal occasions too. There are many variations that fall under the 'classic blue tie' umbrella - think spots, texture, checks, silk and wool alike. If you are someone who likes to wear clothes with a bit of character, you may gravitate towards something like the Silk Tie with Spots, or Silk Textured Tie. You can still pair either with a variety of suits, but they add a little more interest. If your styling is more on the minimalist side, then opt for a fail-safe silk block blue tie.

Silk Spots Tie
Textured Silk Tie

Basic Cufflinks

Investing in a pair of simple cufflinks will ensure they can complement just about every suit in your collection. Minimal designs are also usually timeless enough to last you virtually as long as you need them. TheOval Cufflinksare ultra plain, so you won't need to worry about whether they suit your shirt or not. Likewise, the Pattern Circle Cufflinks or Jigsaw Cufflinksare still classic enough to be extremely versatile, but still manage to add a little flare to your tailoring.

Oval Cufflinks
Pattern Circle Cufflinks
Jigsaw Cufflinks

Leather Wallet

Having a sleek wallet will instantly make you feel more put together. Something simple, and devoid of embellishments is perfect for everyday because it will match with just about any styling. We recommend something billfold with a slim profile so it does not look bulky in your pocket, like the Connor Leather Wallet. Constructed from a supple black leather, the wallet has a detail along its length, as well as a comfortable 8 card slots.

Connor Leather Wallet
Jayden Leather Wallet

White Pocket Square

Details make all the difference when it comes to formal dressing. Whether you would like to add an understated accessory to a navy suit, or you're attending a black tie, a white pocket square is just the ticket. A simple cotton piece like this is perfect as it is so versatile and will go with any suit in your wardrobe. Fold yours a few times before putting it in your pocket to give it texture.

White Cotton Pocket Square

Dress Socks

Sometimes an overlooked item, dress socks can make a big difference when it comes to style. So small yet capable of making such a big difference in a look, dress socks should fit neatly into your outfit. You may think plain black or white are the best options for this, but not necessarily. Although acceptable ones, the basic rule of thumb is, when in doubt, match the colour of sock to the colour of trouser. But putting some pattern to use is a great way to liven up an outfit. A pack of three like the Jadon 3 Packwill work nicely with a grey trouser, however has some simple and eye-catching prints.

Jadon 3 Pack Socks

Wash Bag

A quality wash bag is essential for keeping your grooming products organized and contained. The Kevin Leather Trim Wash Bag is the perfect option, with its secure zip top closure, internal and external zip pockets and a leather side handle.



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