Show Off Your Ankles With These Cropped Pants Tips

For women, finding the right pant is no easy task. Thankfully, autumn is now here and with it comes cropped pants. Cropped pants are a brilliant option for the transition period between summer and winter. Not too hot and not too cold, cropped pants allow you to show a little skin and bring a bit of fun into your outfit. The trick is to find a pair that hits right at the narrowest part of your lower leg (usually just above the ankle).

There are generally two styles of cropped pants to consider - skinny and wide-leg.



Look for a short leg - Allowing enough skin to show will make your legs appear longer.

Look for narrow leg holes - The leg opening should sit snug to your lower leg and not gape. Have the openings taken in if necessary.


How to wear skinny cropped pants


Consider combining masculine with feminine - A pair of skinny cropped jeans looks great when teamed with an oversized men's shirt and a pair of heels.

With a T-shirt - A T-shirt gives a casual look to skinny cropped pants when worn with a statement flat sandal.

Outerwear - Team skinny pants with an oversized jumper, raincoat or blazer.

With a long-waisted tuck-in top - A tight-fitting, casual top you can tuck in looks great with cropped pants, providing you've got the right body shape for this style.



Look for a short leg - Just like buying skinnies, you need to be sure the inseam is short enough to know that the pants look cropped and not just like they've been hemmed poorly. Cropped pants should always come just above the ankle.

Avoid bootleg openings - Openings should never be flared or bootlegged, which can change the silhouette of your leg. Always go for a straight cut, as this will follow the line of your leg in a more flattering manner.

Stay away from cuffs - Particularly applicable for shorter women, as a cuff can further shorten your frame.


How to wear wide-leg cropped pants


With a fitted jumper - Balance out the flow of the pants by keeping your upper half in a tight fit.

With a tight vest, belt and blazer - Introduce a bit of colour with your blazer and mix up the different styles. Add a long cardigan - For a casual look, opt for a long cardigan.

When choosing what style to go for, remember to consider your body type. Curvy figures benefit from a straighter leg, while slender frames have a bit more leeway. If you find that cropped pants are ageing you, it may be that you have opted for the wrong style or that the pants are cropped at the wrong part of your leg. Remember, cropped pants should always sit between the calf and ankle, at the narrowest part of your leg. Colour can also have an impact on how they look, so pastels should be avoided.

If you are choosing cropped pants for your office wear, look for a printed blouse, some glamorous earrings and finish with a neutral heel for a professional look. While some more conservative offices may frown upon cropped pants, most offices find the look perfectly acceptable, allowing for comfort, style and practicality.


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