Life Hacks to Pack Like a Boss for Your Next Business Trip

When travelling on a business trip there's a delicate balance between fitting in all you might need to just taking the bare basics. When you're limited to carry on luggage sizes the challenge becomes even harder. Here's some life hacks to knowing what you really need to take, getting it into your suitcase and not having your clothes all crumpled and creased when you arrive:


There comes a time when you have to let go of those 'just in case' items that are taking up precious space in your bag. You only need to take as many outfits as you will wear. If you're staying longer than a week you can locate the hotel laundry. Apart from the shoes you wear while travelling, only pack one other pair. You'll need to make sure these shoes match with all your outfits that you've brought. As hotels often provide toiletries like shampoo and conditioner, plan to use these instead of packing bulky bottles.


Efficiency of space is your mission when fitting everything into your suitcase. Start with bulky items like shoes or your hair straightener. You can then stuff in small items like socks and underwear into the space inside and around your shoes. The next layer should be clothes made from heavier fabrics like pants or shirts, leaving delicate and lightweight materials til last. Don't roll these - instead fold them flat so they don't get crinkled or take up too much space. For tips on how to fold like a pro check out this video from 'Efficiency Engineer' Dave Hax. As Hax mentioned, you can add your rolled up belt into your shirt collar to help it keep its shape, while also not wasting room.

Keep a central space free in your suitcase to tuck in your toiletries bag. Follow Hax's tip of putting cling wrap between the bottle opening and the lid to help prevent spillage. You can zip lock perfume and cologne for extra protection. It can also be worth bringing your own plug if you plan to shave, as some hotels fail to provide this.


Now go pack that suitcase like a boss.


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