How to Dress for Your Body Shape: Skirts

A-line, maxi, fishtail and mini - there's a large variety of skirts out there. While it might be tempting to just follow the latest fad in skirt style, it?s much smarter to dress for your body and not fashion. As most celebrities and fashionistas know, understanding your body shape and what styles look best on you is the key way to making an outfit work.Discover what skirt style is best for you based on your body shape:


An hourglass shape has incredible curves. If you've got a small waist but are well endowed on top and at the hips, this is you. The pencil skirt will be your best friend. In fact, any waisted skirts that highlight your curves will look great on you. Try to avoid anything too short, as this can throw your proportions out. Instead, go for knee length skirts for a stylish look.


If you've got smaller shoulders and hips, but a thick waist you're an apple. For your shape you want to avoid emphasising your waist and instead draw attention to your legs. Go with a knee or calf length skirt and try one with an A-line shape. Avoid anything that's got pleats and stay away from tight, fitted styles.


If you've got a shapely behind but are smaller on top your body shape is the pear. Full length skirts like maxis work well for you. However, you should avoid anything that is too tight fitting like tube or pencil skirt styles.


You've got a straight up and down shape without too much difference between your chest, waist and hips. A lot of candlesticks are quite tall and so can get away with shorter skirts to show off their pins. Skirts that create an illusion of curves look great on you, so invest in a few pencil or tulip styles.


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