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A Guide to Prints for Office Wear

2Looking professional at work doesn?t have to mean boring. Who says you have to wear black or pinstripe?

Looking good at work is all about finding what?s right for you and, while there are certain rules you should follow, avoiding prints isn?t one of them. Prints are perfectly acceptable in the office, you just have to be careful about how you wear them.

How to wear prints in the office

1. Wear a print dress with a neutral or black shoe such as the Olivia Leather and Suede Sandal.

2. Wear a print cardigan or sweater over your traditional work outfit ie. white collared shirt and black skirt.

3. Wear a print shirt under a neutral blazer. Oxford?s Ariel Contrast Lapel Suit Jacket would look great over a printed blouse.

4. Wear a print shoe to jazz up a traditional work outfit.

5. Wear sharp geometric prints for a ?hard-nosed professional? look.

6. Wear floral print for a softer look, such as the Elle Printed Panel Dress.

7. Add structure and formality with a blazer and belt over a floaty print dress.

8. Wear prints in a pencil skirt and keep accessories simple.

10. Wear toned down colour. A print doesn?t have to be bold and bright. Check out the Anastasia Jacquard Skirt in black and white.

11. Wear animal print tights under a black and white suit. It?s a great way to inject some personality without being too informal.

12. Carry an animal print bag such as Oxford?s Paloma Leopard Print Leather Bag.

13. Wear a printed scarf. Why not introduce the Tara Women?s Print Scarf in leopard print?

14. Pay attention to fabric. Oxford?s Beau Printed Silk Dress has a beautiful printed silk panel through the front and back that contrasts with the plain black sides and sleeves. The silkiness of the fabric keeps the print stylish and sophisticated.

How NOT to wear prints in the office

Head-to-toe print: Head-to-toe print is the biggest no-no in the office and will instantly make you look unprofessional. The trick is to keep print minimal, showing just a hint of personality in an otherwise corporate outfit. Go overboard and you?ll stand out for the wrong reasons.

Bold makeup: If you are wearing print in the office, keep makeup subtle or it will compete with your choice of clothing. You want to look professional, not clown-like.

Jumping in head first: If you are new to the print world, start slowly. Don?t just jump in by wearing an animal print dress, and keep fabric at the minimum. Introduce a scarf or shoe first, or ensure your print is in keeping with what you would normally wear ie. a pencil skirt.

With fear: If you are going to wear print in the office, you need to be confident in your choice. Wearing print shows you want to be heard, so let your coworkers hear you. Show you are serious about your work and here to do business. Your confidence will speak volumes.

Over-the-top jewellery: Remember, your fabric is the statement, not your jewellery. It?s one or the other.


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