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14 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket with any Outfit

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Last autumn you picked up a leather jacket, looked at the price tag, and decided to wait until this year to make a purchase. The same thing happened the year before, and the one before that. Five years have passed since you first tried on the perfect jacket?. but you still haven?t taken the plunge.We get it. You like quality. Yet a quality leather jacket can come with a hefty price tag that will eat into your clothing budget in a big way. You probably think that by skipping the jacket you can indulge in a few extra skirts, jeans and blouses this season. But no woman?s wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket. Stop delaying the inevitable and let this year be the year you look good in leather. Trust us, no one ever regrets buying a leather jacket, and by next year you?ll wonder how you got by without one for so long. Here are 14 ways to wear that soon-to-be yours leather jacket.

1. Keep it cropped

Pair a cropped leather jacket with a high-waisted pant to create a long, lean line. Cropped styles are particularly suited to pairing with evening looks as they keep you warm and trendy, without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. For a polished, modern look, choose a jacket with a shiny finish or a fur trim collar.

2. Keep it casual

A pair of boyfriend jeans with a bomber jacket look great when worn with a graphic tee and heels. The jacket will bring a rockstar edge to your casual attire while the heels keep it sexy and sophisticated. If you?re looking to dress it down on the weekend, ditch the heels for sneakers and finish with a baseball cap.

3. Drape it for edgy workwear

Bring a tough edge to a feminine top and pant combo by draping your leather jacket over your shoulders. It?s a look that will separate you from the pack without appearing that you?re trying too hard.

4. Compliment a jumpsuit

Finding a jacket to go over your favourite jumpsuit is no easy task. Once you invest in a classic leather jacket, you?ll find it?s the perfect solution to this fashion dilemma (and so many more). Ashley Tisdale rocked a leather jacket and jumpsuit combo for a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, and it?s a look you can replicate for work, Friday night drinks, or Sunday brunch with some oversized sunnies.

5. Anchor a monochromatic look

Monochromatic fashion can be a head-turning look, so long as there is texture and detail involved. To keep your outfit interesting without colour, add a classic black leather jacket to deliver weight and dimension. This look is perfect for an easy going office, or a night on the town.

6. Customise

Though plain black is the classic choice, leather jackets are for rule breakers. Give your jacket a fashion makeover with graphic elements like sewn on patches or white stripes. If a personalised, DIY jacket appeals to you, check out this how-to blog for tips and ideas.

7. Smarten up a turtle neck

Turtle-necks are a great way to stay warm once the weather gets cool. Try styling yours with a leather biker jacket to create a street-cool look that hardens up the sometimes ?stuffy? reputation of the turtleneck.

8. Bring a pop of colour

An all-black ensemble with a coloured leather jacket is a fun way to show your personality. Pastel biker jackets offer a feminine take on a traditionally masculine trend and are perfect for layering over spring dresses or pairing with ripped jeans and heels for a casual evening look.

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9. Anchor a strong dress

We love a power dress for work. There?s nothing like an awesome leather jacket to turn a feminine corporate dress into something a little more grounded and empowering. If you still want to keep your dress? feminine flow, try draping your jacket over your shoulders, or opting for a cropped jacket that won?t overwhelm the dress.

10. Exude confidence

Wearing an edgy leather jacket takes guts and sends a message to others that you are comfortable in your own style and not afraid to have fun with fashion. Slipping on a leather jacket you know you look great in can give you the instant confidence boost you need to make an entrance on a first date, or stay calm in an interview.

11. Get glamorous

For a night on the town, a leather jacket over a cute camis and fitted skirt oozes glamour. Choose a tight fitting pencil skirt and team it with an oversized jacket to create balance.

12. Balance the ultra feminine

An ultra feminine skirt will stand out against a classic leather jacket, especially if it packs a pop of colour. Look for a skirt in cobalt blue, golden yellow, or even florals, then anchor it with a quality leather jacket in a solid colour to make the most of both masculine and feminine fashion influences.

13. Support business basics

Every girl needs a few go-to classic business looks hanging in her wardrobe. These fail-safe, work appropriate outfit combos are perfect for the days when you?re in a rush and lacking fashion inspiration. Black heels, black pants, and a comfy tee or blouse will always be office friendly. Simply throw on your leather jacket to effortlessly support these classic, sophisticated outfits.

14. Stay warm

Though leather jackets are the ultimate fashion statement, at the end of the day, they?re really there to keep you warm. On chilly days, add a chic blanket scarf in plaid over a white shirt and jeans it?s a beautiful and stylish way to keep warm in winter.

Love your leather

There?s an endless list of ways to wear, and reasons to love your leather jacket. Whether you?re buying your first leather jacket, or replacing ?old faithful? after years of service, you?ll never regret splurging on this versatile, edgy fashion staple.


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