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12 Habits Of Extremely Stylish Women


How do some women manage to look stylish and put together, no matter what they're wearing?

Well, it's all down to a number of specific traits they all share. If you'd like to know how to develop some of their panache, here's our look at the 12 habits of stylish women, and how to incorporate their habits into your daily life.

1. Pay careful attention to grooming

Being well groomed is an essential part of looking stylish. Even those girls who always look ultra-casual have worked hard to create those effortless, beachy waves, and surfer girl vibe. Getting your hair, makeup and other grooming right is an important habit to develop, so it's wise to invest in the best haircut you can afford, and to practice your makeup routine. And don't forget the importance of good posture.

2. Embrace the classics

Having style is not about slavishly following the latest fashions or trends. In the end, the classics will always triumph, as true style always transcends fashion. Invest in some basic classics that work with your lifestyle and body shape, whether that's the perfect pair of jeans or a well cut trench coat, and then add fashionable accents to show you've got your finger on the sartorial pulse.

3. Plan your outfits the night before

You'll rarely look stylish if you grab the first things that come to hand in the morning. Take a few minutes to select your outfit the night before, from your underwear right through to your accessories. It'll help you to look more put-together, and save you from those mad panics when you sleep past the alarm.

4. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

Set your alarm a few minutes earlier to give you time to do your hair and makeup, if you wear it. While you may miss a little extra sleep, you'll benefit from looking more groomed, and lessen the chances of you leaving home with toothpaste on your blouse, or your hair still greasy from the day before.

5. Choose the right undergarments

The foundation to a great look is choosing the correct underwear. Whether you need a strapless bra to show off a sundress to perfection, or you want to avoid VPL in those brand new white trousers, choosing the appropriate underwear will ensure you're getting the support you need, while avoiding displaying your frillies to the world.

6. Get inspiration from other stylish women

We're not suggesting you recreate others outfits verbatim, but gathering inspiration from other stylish women is a great way to define your own style. Go through Pinterest, style blogs and Instagram, pick out the looks you love, and then work out how you can make them work for your lifestyle and body. Try to avoid copying looks exactly, or dressing completely in an outfit from one particular store or designer.

7. Only wear things that fit and flatter

No matter how much you love a certain item of clothing if it doesn't work with your body shape or you feel uncomfortable wearing it, you're never going to feel or look stylish. Ensure that everything you wear fits well, and flatters your figure. If necessary, get your garments tailored to ensure a perfect fit.

8. Use an expensive-looking item to anchor your look

The most simple jeans and t-shirt combo can look infinitely more stylish when accompanied by the perfect pair of shoes, bag, scarf or belt. An expensive looking accessory can elevate basic outfits, and add an extra layer of polish.

9. Take great care of your clothes

If you want your clothes to look their best, don't wear them lounging around the house, and take time to launder, press, and store them properly. Hang or fold your clothes, attack stains as soon as they happen, and invest in a steamer to ensure that you're not caught out by creases.

10. Organise your wardrobe

You'll never manage to look stylish if you can't find the garments and accessories you need quickly. Take some time to declutter your wardrobe; throw out garments that no longer fit your body or your lifestyle, and organise your remaining items in a way that enables you to find them easily.

11. Know when to leave the heels at homes

Nothing ruins an outfit more than painful feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will show on your face, so make sure you only keep shoes which don't make walking a pain, and choose flats over heels to give your feet a rest when the occasion warrants it.

12. Don't be a slave to fashion

While the runways may be full of neon miniskirts, if you favour a more neutral, laid back look, you'll never look comfortable or stylish following a fashion that doesn't suit you. Stylish people know how to choose current trends and mix them into their own signature look, and how to style their clothes according to their own tastes.


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