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10 Office Style Mistakes for Men to Avoid this Summer

shutterstock_98873369With summer upon us, and holidays just around the corner, we're all looking forward to spending lazy (or not so lazy!) days at the beach, enjoying summer parties and long, leisurely lunches. But summer's not all about play. When it comes to city life or dressing for work during the warmer months, it's helpful to know how to avoid some of the most common summer style mistakes made by men.Here are our tips to successfully negotiating the sartorial minefield and staying stylish this summer.

1. Shorts

While shorts are great for leisure time, they're not part of the dress code for most workplaces. If you work in an office, choose lightweight cotton trousers, and leave the shorts at home. Also, while we?re on the subject of shorts, too short or too tight shorts are never a good look (for anyone!) unless you're on the sports field. If you do choose to wear shorts, select a well tailored Bermuda or chino style and wear them with boat shoes.

2. Linen - especially linen suits

Sure, linen has its good qualities ?it's lightweight and breathable, but it also creases, and badly. So if you love wearing linen, be sure to keep it for casual wear. Crumpled linen suits are not a good look for the office, and are a surefire way to make you look (and feel) dishevelled and scruffy. Instead, choose a crisp trouser and shirt combination and, if you do have to wear a jacket, choose a tailored version in a lightweight fabric.

3. Thongs

Thongs make great beachwear but they're not entirely practical for the office. Even women would be well advised to keep away from thongs at work. For guys, thongs are a definite no-no if you want to look stylish in the summer.

4. Singlets

Singlets should definitely be kept for the beach or the gym. While you may have the tan ?and muscles ?to pull off the sleeveless look, singlets have no place in the office. Short sleeved t-shirts or shirts are always a much better option for keeping things casual but stylish.

5. Slogan t-shirts

While you may have a whole wardrobe of slogan t-shirts from your days as a student or teenager, they don't really have a place in a stylish man's summer wardrobe. Keep slogan t-shirts for your down days.

6. Man cleavage

Man cleavage. Admittedly, it's not a common sight, but it?s something we need to address. Whether you've just left too many buttons open on your shirt, or if you're wearing a low v-necked t-shirt, this is one look that should be avoided at all costs. Also, while we?re on the topic of man-cleavage, there's never any excuse for a medallion to be nestled between your pecs ?yes, we said ?never?.

7. Tight white or coloured jeans

While tight, skinny jeans might work when they're dark in colour, paler fabrics draw the eye and make your legs look much larger, no matter what size you might be. If you want to wear light coloured trousers, choose a pair in light cotton that taper slightly and have room around the thighs. You'll also find they're far more comfortable in the heat.

8. Too much colour or not using colour at all

It seems sunshine encourages both men and women to be more adventurous in their colour-coordination. While some colour is good, such as a brightly coloured shirt with a neutral pair of trousers, too much can look as though you're on your way to a fancy dress party. Keep the majority of your wardrobe neutral and add a few pops of colour to liven it up. If you feel you're not ready for bright colours, why not add some of the summer pastels into your colour palette? They're much softer and easier to wear than bright hues.

9. Wearing socks with shorts

Socks and shorts never go together. Ever. Whether you're wearing sandals or shoes, ditch the socks and keep your feet and legs bare. Otherwise, your legs will end up looking short and stumpy, or people will start wondering where the rest of your trousers are. Enough said.

10. Donning a hat to keep your head cool

Most hats, unless you're actually using them to keep the sun off your face, don't add anything in terms of style to your outfit. Sun visors, baseball caps and panamas all have their place, however they're not a good idea if you're trying to impress in your local cocktail bar or at a business function.If you?re looking for guidance, why not check out our new arrivals for some summer style inspiration?


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