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Why We?re Tipping Tweed as the Trend of 2017

Image from @stevetillystyle via Oxford Shop Instagram

It?s time to forget everything you thought you knew about tweed. This heritage cloth, once an icon of of upper-class Irish and British countrymen, is today rendered in cuts and designs to suit even the most modern city-slicker. Tweed is hard-wearing, well-insulated, and ? we?re calling it early ? going to be the one of the biggest trends of 2017.Here?s what you can expect from tweed this year...

Tough and durable

As fabrics go, tweed is probably one of the toughest out there. Its twill construction boasts resistance to both wind and water, which is why it was traditionally used for country clothing like shooting jackets and early motoring attire. Every bit as hardy and practical (not to mention stylish) as it was back in Edwardian times, tweed ensures years of durability and old-world charm.

Classic and contemporary

While tweed still carries a whiff of old-school style ? conjuring images of hunting dogs, shotguns and jodhpurs ? modern tweed can be dressed down and made wonderfully contemporary. Smartening an outfit instantly, tweed can be worn with anything from jeans to mini-skirts. Tweed blazers, for example, can be worn with a button down and jeans for a sophisticated yet casual look.

Making a statement

The eye is naturally drawn to the complexity and texture of tweed. It?s the textural equivalent of wearing a big pop of colour and, in small doses, it can transform and bring life to your outfit. Be it Herringbone or Houndstooth, the iconic pattern instantly brings a touch of class to your power dressing. Combining classic button designs with a modern twist of darker tweed will make you stand out in a sea of black business suits.

Five ways to wear tweed

The thing to remember with tweed is that, while it?s a traditionally informal fabric, quality is a must to keep you looking polished. Relatively thick, it?s great for colder weather, but not always appropriate on hot summer days. As for style and colour, think beyond traditional green tweed and consider brown, grey and khaki, which are much more versatile and work-appropriate. Here are a few fail-safe tweed ?looks? to get you inspired.

1. Contemporary rural

Choose a key tweed jacket and team it with regular tapered jeans and boots for a contemporary rural look. Think Downton Abbey meets urban streetwear. Shop our tweed blazers, made from a lightweight linen/cotton blend to keep you cool, and pair one with a simple tee and distressed jeans. Quality leather boots are a must to complete this modern country look.

2. Vintage class

Dress to impress and combine a matching jacket and waistcoat with regular suit trousers, brogues and a shirt and tie. To really nail the vintage look, swap in a bowtie and pocket handkerchief. The key to going ?full vintage? without looking unkempt, is to invest in quality pieces that fit you perfectly. Dry cleaning and having shirts professionally pressed will ensure you always look sharp.

3. Accessorised perfection

The flat cap may scream ?country bumpkin?, but when styled well, it can be a stylish and sophisticated addition to your outfit. Celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt regularly show us how it?s done, combining a tweed flat cap with everything from knitted coatigans to leather jackets and runners. A tweed flat cap is a simple way to smarten up your street wear without looking like you?ve tried too hard.

4. Matchy matchy

Double tweed will help you achieve the ?dapper gentleman? look and is more versatile than you might think. Paired with a light-coloured white shirt to keep it subtle, a matching tweed waistcoat and jacket can be perfect for a casual night out in dark jeans and desert boots. If it?s a wedding or meeting you?re off to, swap out the dark jeans for chinos or suit trousers and finish with a smart pair of brogues.

5. Textured chic

No man?s wardrobe is complete without a pale blue shirt. Worn with darker blue denim, a grey tweed jacket and tan boots or brogues, it?s effortlessly smart yet casual and the mix of textures is sure to turn heads. A bit of stubble is a great way to dress down this polished look, while adding yet another element of texture to the mix.

The versatility of tweed

Tweed may have a name for itself as an old-fashioned material worn exclusively by rich landowners swanning around on country estates. But modern tailoring has brought this traditional fabric into the new millennium, and it looks like it?s here to stay. Wear it in a modern black or grey finish, with minimal patterning, or choose more conventional styles such as the traditional green check. Tweed in 2017 means there?s no rules to follow ? whether you?re off to work, to the cinema, to dinner or brunch. From hats to ties to three-piece suits, tweed is becoming a ?go-to? material. By 2018, you?ll be wondering how you ever did without it.Still not convinced? Need more inspiration? Check out Ryan Gosling?s chilled tweed look, Rhys Ifans? leather-clad style, and David Gandy all-out three-piece suit. Need we say more?


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