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Two Ways to Wear a Pocket Square

A pocket square can be that finishing touch to your suit for suave masculinity. It redefines your attire, bringing a level of sophistication that is easy to do and costs very little.

According to the Epoch Times, the presidential fold is a classic, but is also the easiest, fastest and most elegant fold. It works perfectly with a formal suit and is generally used for a single-colour pocket square.




1. On a clean, flat surface lay out your pocket square then fold in half.

2. Fold one of the width sides up to a length that fits your pocket. You want to ensure that 1/4 inch will be visible.

3. Carefully tuck the folded pocket into your breast pocket, leaving the top showing. For a more casual look, the "puff fold' is another easy and simple fold. Patterns often work will with this kind of fold, such as tartan or paisley.

 Pocket Square





1. Lay your pocket square out and then pick up by pinching at the centre.

2. Slide the square through your other hand so that it sits loosely at the bottom.

3. Puff up the material between your hands, creating an inflated effect.

4. Flip the pocket upside down and tuck into the breast pocket.

 Pocket Square



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