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Trends in Autumn Menswear

In the latest round of UK men?s fashion shows, Colin Chapman, a seasoned UK blogger, writes of the influence of the post punk theme making a statement in this year?s Autumn collection. It both celebrates and subverts the tradition of elegant tailored clothing that?s having its influence felt far beyond London.

Chapman applauds the strong narrative accompanying this year?s catwalk collection of menswear, striking a chord with the audience that resonates with today?s urban lifestyle.

One of the highlights is designer Lou Dalton?s new tartan themed clothing for men, creating a robust and sharp image, with fabrics showing off a precise cut accompanying shirts that had the heft of a jacket, a bold look that adds gravitas to tailored suits and bomber jackets.

Beanies are out this winter! According to Chapman, berets that follow the post-punk era were in evidence as the classic head wear at this year?s YMC catwalk, reflecting a narrative that?s part intellectual part rebel.



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