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The Suit Makes a Comeback, 007 Style

With each new Bond movie, there is something new to be seen - new girl, new villain, new technology. However, one thing that has remained for 007 is the suits. Bond always looks great in a perfectly tailored suit.

In the latest film from the franchise, Skyfall, Daniel Craig showed the world how a suit should be worn today, single breasted with a good silhouette.

According to Men's XP, to achieve that style it took three fittings for every suit worn to get Craig's suits just right. Each suit was then made the traditional way, hand-made and hand-finished, just as it would on Savile Row. Of course, this is the only way it should be done - we're talking James Bond here!

Thanks to Craig's impeccable style both on and off camera, more men are paying attention to what they suit up in. The suit is no longer just about playing the boardroom professional either. It's an icon outfit for the suave man of action.


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