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The 'Real' Daniel Radcliffe: Style Icon

When actor Daniel Radcliffe won the part of young wizard Harry Potter, he took on more than just an acting role. Quickly becoming an idol for kids everywhere, Radcliffe was told what to wear, how to do his hair and even how to present himself in real life.

When the final movie was screened, the whole world was keen to see the 'real' Daniel Radcliffe emerge.

He's shown himself as someone who wants to be taken seriously and shed the schoolboy image fixed so firmly in the minds of Harry Potter fans. Straight from filming, Radcliffe appeared on stage in 'Equus', fully naked and playing a character who participates in bestiality. He has since gone on to select dramatic horror films such as 'Woman in Black' and 'Horns' - both a far stretch from his days as a confused boy wizard.

As for his fashion sense, Radcliffe has appeared on the cover of magazines wearing suits and woollen jumpers in a stylish, yet classic look. According to Men's Fashion magazine, he manages to pull off the suit as if it is something to be worn every day, even when casually strolling down the street.

Radcliffe is a big fan of the grey suit and he shows off well how a suit should be worn. His look can be replicated with a casual suit, smart waistcoat, a stylish watch and brown shoes.


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