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The Dapper Gentleman?s Guide to Accessorising Their Movember Moustache

shutterstock_160913285It?s that time of year again ? when men put in their best efforts towards developing their facial hair into a well groomed moustache all for a good cause. Movember is the month to get your ?tache on and embrace all it means to be a man with a mo. With a moustache comes great responsibility - not just in maintaining your facial growth, but in leaving boyhood behind to show your true masculinity. The dapper gentleman has long been a bearer of the mo. They are the kind of man who manages to be stylish and well-dressed without losing their masculinity. They are the likes of Errol Flynn and Clark Gable.Here?s how to accessorise your moustache with the outfit of a dapper gentleman:

The suit

This is your uniform. As Barney Stinson would say ?Suit Up!? Get a good quality suit that fits you properly.

The handkerchief

Not just a fashionable accessory, the handkerchief is a practical addition to any gent?s outfit. Folding and tucking into your suit pocket adds the extra touch of a pocket square, and can be whipped out to offer to nearest crying damsel in distress. It also makes an excellent napkin to clear the crumbs from your new moustache.

The cufflinks

It?s the small details that count and set you apart as a dapper, moustache-sporting gentleman. A pair of cufflinks for your suit are that detail. You can keep things simple or go for a pair that?s a bit more of a conversation starter.

The sunglasses

It gets glary in Australia and the approaching summer doesn?t help. A pair of sunnies keep your eyes protected and can look pretty suave too. Try a pair of aviators for effortless cool. Remember to keep your face shape in mind when choosing frames.

The belt

According to the Complex Guide to Men?s Accessories, a belt should match the colour of your shoes when dressing for a special occasion. If your pants are in a slim style your belt will need to match the real size of your waist. Generally when buying a belt the size needs to be a few inches wider than your waist.This Movember match your efforts in raising money for cancer with good style. Keep your mo in shape and dress to impress with this guide to a gentleman?s outfit


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