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The Best Men?s Fashion Instagrammers

Hiding your penchant for glossy mags and scouring them for the latest fashion trends is a thing of the past with the handy technological advancement called Instagram. Thank god for Instagram. It?s given us pictures of brunch, selfies and the oft-abused hashtag, but what many men may not know is that there is a whole world of impeccably dressed ?grammers out there taking impeccably filtered photos of outfits and accessories.You can stylestalk until your eyeballs dry out, all from the privacy of your smartphone ? until you double-tap of course. So, closet fashionistas, here are the top ten impeccably dressed men to follow, stalk and hopefully emulate:

1. @fabioattanasio

Untitled-1The name. Need we say more? Instead of bare chests and Mills & Boon references, within this freelance journalist?s feed you?ll find a well-tailored Italian who takes fanciful shots in the impossibly stylish backstreets of Milan. If his pics fail to provide you with style cues, they?ll most definitely make you want to move to Italy.

2. @TSBMen

Untitled-3This moniker belongs to Dan Trepanier aka ?America?s Best Dressed Real Man?, so says Esquire. You can be the judge of that. But if you like your polished brogues and citrus waistcoats with a dollop of humour, this is your guy.

3. @pharrell

1The guy with the dizzying collection of oversized Vivienne Westwood mountain hats may not be everyone?s cup of tea, but his account is peppered with interesting celebrity cameos. Not to mention pictorial evidence that there exists a human being over 40 who can still pull off jean shorts and manage to be the coolest person on Earth.

4. @johanneshueble

2You may not know this guy by name, but 458,000 other people do. So get on board and follow this man. One half of the too-stylish husband and wife team, the other being fashionista Olivia Palermo, this photographer-slash-model?s idea of a ?casual Sunday? snap involves billowing crisp linen shirts, blinding white chinos, megawatt smiles and his matchy-matchy missus. Prepare for life envy.

5. @nylonguysmag

Untitled-4The account from the fashionable people at Nylon Mag, these snaps will demonstrate how to put together the perfect hipster outfit without seeming too hipster. If that?s possible.

6. @chrisjohnmillington

Untitled-5Here?s a man who knows how to rock a beard. Millington was plucked from the police force and propelled into the fanciful land of modelling where he has since thrived as a cleverly bedecked fellow with a hot-right-now mountaineering beard. He has been likened to Abe Lincoln with tatts.

7. @seanopry55

3Opry was given a golden ticket to superstardom the day he was born with that face. We?re pretty sure his jawline has it?s own instagram account, though we?ve yet to conduct a search. Here you?ll find daily snapshots from the highest paid model whose bio reads he: ?wears seat belts in cars?. Good lad. Follow for a guide on how to stare down the barrel of the lens.

8. @tiniegram

4British rapper Tinie Tempah is better known for his sartorial style than slinging rhymes, however he really doesn?t seem to mind ? nor do his 512,000 devotees. Watch and learn how to effortlessly pull off round-rimmed specs and a coral suit whilst casually holding a conversation with company such as Jon Snow. Superfly.

9. @nickwooster

5The only guy on planet Earth who can emulate a Baron Von Munchausen mo and get away with it is this ex-fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Follow him and his silver quiff as they travel the globe searching for the perfect pocket square.

10. @menwithclass

6A collection of topless (read: headless) men wearing stylish suits and showing you how to strut like James Bond. Started in Sweden, this ?gram claims to be ?the fastest growing Instagram account about men?s fashion?. They have a sister site too @menwithstreetstyle if you?re looking to channel an off-duty model (who isn?t?).


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