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The Best Beard Styles for 2017

A beard is an elegant style statement and a mark of pride for every man, so if you?re thinking of growing a beard, go ahead. But don?t stop there. There are different types of beard styles to choose from ? short or long, wild or refined ? and it?s important to know which one?s the perfect style for you.In the world of facial hair, it?s hard to decide which style to settle on. This guide will hopefully spark some inspiration and guide you through selecting a beard style that suits you.

Different types of beard styles

Whether you want a short beard or a long beard, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

1. Goatee


A patch of hair beneath the chin, without a mustache. To keep a goatee looking classy be sure to keep the bottom cut close to the chin.Suits: Most face shapes

2. Stubble


A beard look you get by not shaving for a few days. For a proper refined look, clip the hair every 2-4 days and clean up outliers.Suits: Most face shapes

3. Short Boxed Beard


It features close-cut hairs and well-defined borders. The edges of the beard must be several centimetres above your jawline. Then link it smoothly with your moustache and clean out hairs outside of this range.Suits: Rectangular face shape

4. Chin Curtain


Worn by Abraham Lincoln, it evokes Civil War-era grandeur. Shave your face clean down to the chin and let the hair grow to the length you want it to be after that.Suits: Rectangular, diamond and inverted triangle face shapes.

5. Chinstrap


With this beard style, a thin line of hair runs around the edge of the chin. Grow it like the Chin Curtain but trim the hair shorter.Suits: Round, square, diamond and triangular face shapes.

6. Brett


It?s grown in the same way as the Chin Curtain and Chinstrap, but there?s hair covering the chin and the link to the sideburns around the ears is removed.Suits: Round, square, diamond and triangular face shapes.

7. Mutton Chops


For a manly look, this beard style is perfect. It features a shaved chin and face, with a lot of hair on the cheeks from growing out the sideburns. Both sides of the face are linked with a moustache.Suits: Oblong and inverted triangle face shapes.

8. Franz Josef


The name?s taken from the Emperor of Austria in the early 20th century. It features a shaved chin and wide sideburns linked by a moustache, which doesn?t extend out as far as the Hulihee but has more volume than the Friendly Mutton Chops.Suits: Inverted triangle face shape.

9. A La Souvarov

OxfordShop-A La Souvarov Beard

It?s similar to the Franz Josef, but with a refined, classy look. The sideburns hook upwards from the sides of the face into the tips of the moustache, which have their own dip.Suits: Oblong face shape.

10. Klingon

OxfordShop-Klingon Beard

It got its name from an alien species in the Star Trek TV series. With this beard style, the upper lip is shaved, there?s a narrow connection from the moustache to the beard and there?s growth on the chin.Suits: Most face shapes.

11. Neckbeard


A beard that grows on the neck. Shave all the hair except below the jawline, ensuring the growth doesn?t extend around the periphery of the chin or up to the sideburns.Suits: Most face shapes.

12. Garibaldi

OxfordShop-Garibaldi Beard

The name?s taken from Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian nationalist of the 19th century. It features a moustache linked to a full wide beard and a rounded base. The base should be cut to at least 15-20 cm long.Suits: Most face shapes.

13. Old Dutch

OxfordShop-Old Dutch Beard

Compared to the Garibaldi, this beard style has no moustache and has slightly thicker chops. It conveys a lumberjack look.Suits: Oval face shape

14. Verdi

OxfordShop-Verdi Beard

It got its name from Giuseppe Verdi, a 19th-century composer. It has a finely-tuned moustache with curved tips and a rounded beard. Make sure to always keep the moustache in pristine condition.Suits: Most face shapes.

15. Full Beard

OxfordShop-Full Beard

A beard that joins all areas on the face and jaw, and grows out beyond 20-30 cm. You can be creative with this beard style or you can just keep it rounded and shaped for a refined look.Suits: Rectangular and diamond face shapes.

16. French Fork

OxfordShop-16The beard grows past the chin and ends in a fork. You can trim the beard to create a fork or use wax or balm to style it into a fork.Suits: Rectangular face shape.

17. Ducktail

OxfordShop-17It?s similar to the French Fork, as it has a moustache with a full beard that grows 2-5 cm past the chin, but it only has one endpoint instead of two.Suits: Rectangular face shape.

18. Hulihee

OxfordShop-18It has the same pattern of growth and shaving as the Friendly Mutton Chops, but it emphasises definition and chop length, where the chops look like wings. By wearing the Hulihee, you could look like a military man from the 1800s.Suits: Oval face shape.

The best beards on Instagram

If you?re looking for some beard inspiration or more ideas on how to experiment with your beard, here?s our pick of the best beards on Instagram.

1. Andr Hamann

A post shared by Andr Hamann (@andrehamann) on

Andr?s known for his perfectly trimmed beard. Follow him @andrehamann.

2. Artez Irvin

A post shared by ????????????DR.EPIC (@drepic) on
 Artez?s impeccable beard compliments his killer style. Follow him @drepic.

3. Amit Ranjan

Amit?s thick beard always works in his favour. Follow him @amitranjanofficial.

4. Billy Huxley

Billy?s been catching everyone?s attention with his beard. Follow him @billyhuxley

5. Brock O'Hurn


A post shared by Brock O'Hurn (@brockohurn) on

 In 2015, Brock became an instant Instagram sensation all because of his beard and his man bun. Follow him @brockohurn.

6. Chris John Millington

Chris has one of the best groomed beards around. Follow him @chrisjohnmillington.

7. Josh Mario John

A post shared by JOSH MARIO JOHN (@spizoiky) on

Josh flaunts his thick beard while shooting campaigns around the world. Follow him @spizoiky

8. Chris Perceval

 Chris became famous in London after growing a Ned Kelly beard. Follow him @chris_perceval.

9. Luke Ditella

A post shared by Luke Ditella (@lukeditella) on

 Luke keeps his beard game on fleek while running an online creative agency. Follow him @lukeditella.Armed with all this information, it?s time to start styling for a perfect bearded look!


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