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Summer Hairstyles for the Classy Woman

Suffering from a sweaty neck during the torturous midday heat of a summer's day is unpleasant, to say the least. Do you sometimes resort to throwing your hair up into some kind of unstructured bun, with whatever you may have on hand (rubber band, kids scrunchie ...), which then ends up looking like you've just come from a gym with no mirrors? Welcome to the sweaty neck club. But classy updos are not always something that you have to book in for at a hairdressers. Most styles are easy to master in front of your own mirror or, if the humidity has caught you unprepared, on the run.Together with this pesky sweat problem, summer is also a great time to ramp up your hair maintenance. Salt, sun and chlorine causes follicles to whimper in fear, so arm yourself with a good colour toning shampoo, leave-in moisture masques and a great hat. Here's a few classy summer hairstyles to get you going and once you've got the hang of them, who knows, the next time you dash up the street for milk you may be throwing your locks into a chignon.

Image via Beauty High

Image via Beauty High

A style much loved by those that create the hairstyles for runway trodders. It's sleek, professional and criminally easy to do. Make sure you've got a good shine spray, proper elastics (no scrunchies) and bobby pins. Try wrapping a piece of hair around the pony to hide the elastic and tousle the crown of your head for that wispy look. If you love this style but need a change, change your part from side to side. Youll feel like a new woman.


After you finish salivating over the title, tightly twist a pony in one direction until it naturally curls up into the shape of a doughnut. Secure it with bobby pins and loosen a few strands so it looks a little more chic and a little less prima ballerina. This one is just as easy as the pony, but with the bonus feature of leaving your neck free from a dampening, dangling pony.



Image viaThe Model Stage Image viaThe Model Stage

Braids are back (did they ever leave?) and they're not just for school-aged girls. Perfect for days that are too humid to even bother taming a ponytail, it's as simple as braiding or plaiting in two sections behind the ears, then looping them up to your crown to secure at the top of your head. Add flowers, headbands, or anything sparkly for that carefree, hippie-child look at your next event.


For moments when a plait just doesn't cut it, try a long fishtail straight down your back. Perfect for those who actually know how to master this poly-pronged plait, terrible for those who don't. It'll leave you looking like a salty mermaid (if mermaids ever learnt how to braid).


Literally meaning 'at the nape', this classic French bun has been adapted to suit a more modern aesthetic and has moved up in the world (from the nape at least). Like the doughnut bun, twist and curl all your hair into any sort of gathered bun and pin to fasten. The tighter and more neat it is, the more formal it looks. You can also add a plait from your hairline into the mix, or fasten your chignon to one side for a chic wedding updo.


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