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Style Lessons: What The Influencers Are Wearing

We've enlisted the help of some of the fashion packs most stylish influencers and looking chic and sophisticated has never been easier! Here they show us how to piece together some of their favourite Oxford pieces from the Winter 19 Collection.


"For us, daily dressing is a simple thing "because we've built our wardrobe on a foundation of who we are. Key pieces that symbolically represent our personality, heart and characteristics. Maybe it's just us who like to personify inanimate objects, but it really help us understand how the items of clothing we were wearing speaks volumes about who we are as people."

Wearing: Evie Paper Bag Checked Pants, Sunny Check Coat, Ceri Crew Neck Knit


"Styling is creative and therefore it's completely up to you when it comes to what looks good so be confident and own what ya do!"

Wearing: Sage Lace Trim Blouse, Leather Leggings, Gracie Leather Jacket, Lola Travel Wallet


"Fashion is all about having fun and not always taking the safe option.."

Wearing: Walker Top, Ciara Knitted Skirt, Ronnie Check Coat



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