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Style Inspiration: 10 Women?s Fashion Feeds to Follow on Instagram

Let?s be honest, the first thing most of us do when our alarm trills is pry our eyes open with the help of our little rectangular friends with their bright screens, so what better way to sort out what you?re going to wear that day than by scrolling through pictures of impeccably dressed women?Instagram has not only spawned a whole generation of people obsessed with taking filtered pictures of their daily jaunts, it has also created a handy visual portal for those of us who want to know how to ?farshon?. Simply by following big name models, fashion houses and everyone from bloggers to stylists, you can get up-to-date info on what to wear and what not to be caught dead in.Here are 10 of the best feeds to follow for women?s fashion on Instagram at the moment:

1. @ngoldenberg

Natasha Goldenberg, a bona fide member of the Russian fashion mafia (which includes hard hitters like Natalia Vodianova, Miroslava Duma etc.), is one to watch for her covetable front row status at fashion weeks. Not to mention great pictorial evidence that you can be pregnant and avoid looking like a large mammal.

2. @mduenasjacobs

Miss Maria here is the accessories director for US Elle magazine and boy does she like diamonds. Learn how to master that eternal phrase: ?dripping with...? said diamonds and get the scoop on the latest accessories to leave the runways.

3. @kendalljenner

Not just a great way to get your guilty celeb fix, this young member of the Kardashian empire actually has a job - as a clothes horse no less - so her feed is like a backstage pass to runway shows like Balmain. She?s one shiny, happy person, and has no problem taking countless photos with other celebs too.

4. @anna_dello_russo

If beanies with mustaches on them and sneakers worn with dresses is right up your fashion alley, then follow Anna, Editor at Vogue Japan, and her eccentric take on high fashion. Hey, even if her style is not your cup of sencha, it?s refreshing to see someone who assembles an outfit like their life is one big, constant party.

5. @thelsd

Co-founder of Moda Operandi, a curated online fashion boutique, Lauren Santo Domingo?s ?gram is a much-needed style injection for those of us who just didn?t find the time to take our yacht out for a spin this week. Her feed is full of global treats and fancy shoes.

6. @whowhatwear

The Instagram account that comes as a side dish to the mighty website of the same name, this feed is a bottomless pit of style inspiration just begging for you to mine its jewels.

7. @manrepeller

It?s no myth that men generally dislike what women consider high fashion. Jeans under a calf-skimming skirt, gents? Men really do hate it. It confuses them. But who cares?! Leandra Medine grasps this philosophy and runs with it on her account. This blogger, writer and style philosopher combines covetable wares with witty captions so that we don?t feel so bad when we spend lots of money on silly trends.

8. @troprouge

It?s the question often asked: how do French women look so good all the time? Is it their je ne sais quoi? What is je ne sais quoi? Well, here?s another gorgeous French woman, blogger Christina Caradona, doing what gorgeous French women do best - looking impeccably ?thrown together? like they?ve just gotten out of bed. In the middle of a Paris runway. With great hair.

9. @theglamourai

Kelly Framel is a pretty big deal in New York fashion circles. And she?s a busy lady: stylist, editor of her own website and label collaborator. Even when she wears custom-made matching silk pajamas down the street, people want to emulate her. Who wouldn?t? She looks so comfortable. Framel is adept at mixing prints and frequently globetrots with her man-friend who sports an equally fashionable man-bun.

10. @elle_ferguson

Known for wearing tiny, ripped jean shorts pretty much every day of the year, Ferguson is one half of the website and fabulous fashion mecca @theyallhateus. Well, we don?t hate you, Elle, we just wish we also had long, tanned limbs that carried on for years. Copy her effortless beach style and get hot tips on high street buys that look luxe.


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