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Style Icon: Scarlett Johansson

shutterstock_122712733She?s a screen siren who also knows how to rock the red carpet. Scarlett Johansson is all about sexy glamour when it comes to her fashion sense. If you?ve got curves to die for and aren?t afraid to show a little cleavage the actress is your perfect style icon. Channel her look with these tips:

Go classic

Johansson regularly draws inspiration from classic film stars. In an interview with Elle magazine she said ?I love Old Hollywood, and I always go back to Lauren Bacall?s strong face and chic, signature look?. The actress is also often compared with Marilyn Munroe and with her white-hot blonde hair and curves it?s easy to see why. Take a look at the clothes past style icons wore and find similarly structured outfits. As Johansson seems to know, you can?t go wrong when copying the classic fashion of old world stars.

Keep it structured

The outfits that work best for Johansson all have plenty of structure. She wears evening gowns that are fitted at the waist for a sleek silhouette. Doing so makes the most of her incredible curves. If you?ve a body shape like ScarJo then balancing your outfit is important and cinching in at the middle will help to draw too much attention away from your top or bottom. Try a high waisted pencil skirt with a simple blouse for the office or a trench tied at the waist and paired with some red lippie for casual glamour.

Don?t go over the top

Johansson has mastered the fine balance of sexy and classy with her fashion choices. The key is to not go over the top when showing off her assets. According to Glamour, if she?s wearing a particularly busty dress, the length will generally extend to her knee or below. While she loves her red lipstick and dramatic eye make up, rarely will she put the two together. For stylish sex appeal learn to control your urge to show everything off.


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