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Style Icon: Dita Von Teese

shutterstock_203007679Dita Von Teese is an American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, entrepreneur, and occasional actress. However, what she is most famous for is her unique sense of style and ability to choose clothing that perfectly compliments her hourglass figure. What?s more, she?s an inspiration to the rest of us mere mortals that achieving Hollywood glamour doesn?t mean having a personal stylist or hair care specialist perfecting a look. Von Teese doesn?t work with a stylist and even dyes her own hair.

She?s also not one for following the crowd. Her workout regime to maintain her womanly figure includes horse dressage and fencing. This flows on to her fashion choices where she?s created her own distinct look that?s not about the trends, but what suits her shape and her own sense of style. Her trademark style involves corsets, bullet bras, girdles and luxurious fabrics in silk, velvet and satin. Rounding off her look of feminine allure are her retro-glam dark curls and red lipsticked lips.

Yet to channel your own love of old world glamour doesn?t have to mean squeezing into a corset. Check out our tips for stealing some Dita Von Teese style that you can wear everyday:


Look for vintage, 50?s retro inspired pieces - especially to emphasise an hourglass shape. Also, an LBD is an essential item for your wardrobe. Quirky floral and hand printed silk dresses with feminine velvet ribbons are a favourite with Dita Von Teese too. She also favours 1950s-style dogtooth check dresses that would be ideal for a day at the office.


Dita is all about class, so never wear anything too flashy or tacky. Look for smart and sophisticated handbags, bracelets and earrings. Think vintage glamour like our Chiara earrings. Use a chic belt with interesting detail in the clasp to cinch in a dress or emphasize your small waist. For a final pop of colour, choose a complementary shade of nail polish for your well manicured fingernails.


Rarely seen without a pair of shades, Dita Von Teese loves her vintage-style frames. Go for a cat?s eye style to add some glamour to your outfit.


Dita knows that wearing a pair of heels changes the way you hold yourself - especially in a well fitted dress or waisted top and bottom combo. Plus heels are a key step to getting glamourous right. If you must wear flat shoes, look for elegant ballet flats.

Pencil skirts

With an hourglass figure like Von Teese?s, it?s little wonder that most of her outfits consist of pencil skirts. Pencil skirts perfectly highlight every curve, while pulling in the waist and elongating the body.


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