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Secret for a Fashion Upgrade

Taking a look at your existing clothes could be the secret to a complete fashion overhaul.

Fashion blogger, Drexler B. James, writes that to look your best you should firstly take a good look at your existing wardrobe and do an inventory of what clothes and accessories you already own. Before you rush out to buy new clothes, you can use a clever method to help make small incremental changes to your wardrobe, style and tactically buy new apparel that will create a lasting impression.

James recommends separating your garments by grouping all long-sleeved shirts, tank tops and t-shirts together. Afterwards, sort each by colour and patterns. Next, repeat the same process for pants starting with shorts, trousers, jeans and dressy pants. Continue with sweaters and suits until you have your wardrobe organised in this manner.

By doing this, James says it will help clearly identity what you can use and more importantly, what colours and items are missing. You will be able buy clothes that will mix, match and add to your existing wardrobe.



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