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Pantone Colour Trends for 2014

shutterstock_94417315When it comes to knowing what shades are set to be big in the fashion world, Pantone is the authority. For 2014, their predicted colours for the Spring runways (or Autumn in Australia) are already proving to be spot on. Wear one of these hues to make Pantone?s top 10 list and show your fashion forward side.


Dazzling blue

Topping the women?s list as the number one colour to wear, this shade is a bright cobalt that?s not quite an electric blue. It also featured in the men?s top 10 in third place. It?s a wearable blue and you probably already own an item in the shade in your wardrobe. You?ll want to pair dazzling blue with white for a fresh look.

Radiant orchid

Around 15% of fashion designers have reportedly included this bright purple in their 2014 Spring collections for women. It?s also a colour both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have been spotted in.


Celosia orange

Coming in at fourth on the Pantone women?s list and sixth for the men, the trend in orange continues. This bold, warm hue will get you attention, but be careful to match with neutrals and not another bright shade. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone, recommended men try celosia orange in a plaid or patterned shirt.



One of the neutral colours to claim a place on both men and women?s top 10 lists, sand is a versatile shade. You can wear head to toe or pair with one of the bolder trending colours. Eiseman described the hue as ?warm and agreeable?, and a welcome change to other neutrals like grey, taupe or beige.


Hemlock or comfrey

For women, the green of choice is the muted hemlock shade. Men should add a slightly stronger green to their wardrobe in comfrey - which made number eight on the Pantone list for guys. Eiseman said that hemlock is a new colour direction for greens and doesn?t have an acidic hue to it. For men, comfrey is a subtle and welcomed move away from the standard army green.


Expect to see these colours dominating the fashion scene in the next few months.



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