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Make Those Leather Shoes Last with These Maintenance Tips

High quality shoes say a lot about a man, but they can be pricey. You will want to take care of them if you want to see them last. Derrick Miller, creative director of legendary shoe makers Barker Black, shared his maintenance tips with Valet magazine:

Dry them out

Miller said that a shoe should be allowed to air for 24 hours before being worn again, to give sufficient drying time. He also advised avoiding placing your shoes near a radiator to speed up the process as it will dry out the leather and melt the shoe from the inside out.

Use shoe trees

A shoe tree holds a shoe's particular shape, stopping it from developing creases. Miller said that a shoe tree doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be the right shape for the shoe.

Buff regularly

Miller suggested choosing a time each week when you can take a moment to shine your shoes. He first applies a coat of polish, then leaves the shoes to rest while carrying on other chores. He then comes back and buffs his shoes using a brush.


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