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Looking Effortless: How to Pull Off Normcore, the New Anti-Trend

Oxford Shop 1aIs everyone around you starting to look the same? But it?s not a certain colour they?re working, or a must-have accessory that everyone?s brandishing. They?re not all wearing their baseball caps backwards. But still, there?s a definite unification.You could spend all day trying to work out what it is that they?ve all got in common, but what a waste of time that would be. That time would be far better spent picking up the look for yourself.Wonder no more: you?re almost certainly looking at normcore.

Why we?re doing it

No longer is the aim to look as outlandish as possible in a desperate attempt to be individual. Blending in is the new standing out. Subtlety is the new block colour. Plain is the new logo.Normcore takes some effort to pull off. But once you?ve mastered it, you?ll look as though you haven?t made any effort at all. And that?s the whole point. It?s a backlash thing. It?s an irony thing. You?re too cool for fashion, but, by embracing normcore, you?re sending out the message that you have your finger firmly on the pulse, thank you. Don?t be scared: let?s walk through it.

Getting the look

Okay, have a look in your wardrobe. Slogan? Ditch it. Logo? Not necessary. Glitter? Oh, please. Dig a little deeper. Where?s the stuff you relegated eons ago for being boring? Now we?re talking.That grey t-shirt, yes, that one is fine. Don?t remember where you got it or when? Perfect.Trainers, the ones you hunt for when you wash the car. They?ll do. Jeans. Don?t go getting all skinny hipster now. The more relaxed, less fitted pair will work better here.If it?s starting to sound like an outfit you reserve for chilling on the couch, you?re right on track.If you?re just too cool to have any of this nonsense lying around your room, here are some tips for buying into the vibe. Yes, you?re going to want to be part of it and yes, unbelievably, there are rules to this anti-trend:
  • Normcore is neutral. Think white, grey marle, burgundy or beige. Just keep it low-key: no neon here.
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  • Tailored is tired. You?re not meant to be looking sharp, or sexy: you are more than your clothes. You don?t need to go up a size ? it?s not that kind of trend ? just lose the compression wear, bodycon, in fact anything that makes you check a mirror after putting it on.
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  • Accessories are a bit pass. Add a hat if you want, but think bucket hat or neutral baseball cap. A plain rucksack will do all your accessorising for you. It?s practical, too.
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  • Socks are white, jeans are mid-blue and nothing is metallic.
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  • Get a fleece. You?ll wonder why you didn?t do this earlier.
Other hot tips for working normcore include windcheaters, tracksuit pants and the removal of anything that suggests a designer influence. You shouldn?t be able to tell where a normcorer got their stuff. But you shouldn?t ask them, either. They?re not supposed to care and neither are you.If you?re still floundering, Jerry Seinfeld is being lauded as the poster boy for normcore. Google him, study him, become him. You might not feel like a superstar. But you?re not meant to. You?re meant to feel confident whatever you?ve thrown own - which just happens to also be warm and super comfy.


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