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London's Best Bars & What To Wear To Them

As one of the world's major fashion and culture hubs, London always has something new and interesting to offer. Much like us, the Brit's have an affinity for socializing and a good time, meaning they've got some of the best in bars around. So, we've taken a look at some well-known classics as well as new contenders, and comprised a must-see list for your next London trip. We've also included our recommendations on how you should dress at these venues.

Sager + Wilde

Whether you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur or can barely tell your reds from your whites, this wine bar is the place to be. A cozy location set up more like a Parisian corner bar than your regular tavern, this spot has an extensive fine wine list. If, like me, you have little knowledge of wine, fear not. This is not the kind of place where you won't feel out of place for that; it exudes a modest and intimate feel. In regards to food, if you're not one for a cheese and charcuterie platter, the toasted sandwiches are a big winner. Unpretentious, reasonably priced and with unarguably quality wine, you won't regret anytime spent here.

Instagram: @sagerandwilde
To a venue like Sager + Wilde you should keep styling smart but simple. A cozy knit worn untucked over some cuffed jeans, leather Chelsea boots and overcoat to bring everything together epitomizes the cool but relaxed bar atmosphere.

Bar Three

With an elegant, minimal and sophisticated feel, Bar Three is only months old yet has already cemented itself in the London bar scene. It has an uncomplicated, yet thoughtful drinks menu. Designed by owners and bar-tending brothers Noel and Max Venning, the cocktails fall under four categories: 'free', 'light', 'medium' and 'full' depending on flavour. Their standout drink is the famed 'French 45' cocktail which originated in the Venning's first bar. If you're looking for a slick, yet down-to-earth cocktail bar vibe, this is the place to visit.
Instagram: @barthreelondon
A slick leather jacket reflects the minimalist and modern feel of Bar Three. Simply layer it over a buttoned-up collared shirt, and pair with jeans or chinos.

Fitz's Bar

Fitz's Bar fits right at home in the Victorian-era Principal Hotel of central London. Inspired by jazz-age styling, the bar itself has self-proclaimed flamboyance. Decorated with features like feather plumes, original stained glass windows, and contemporary pieces from Milan-born artist 2501, this is a seriously debonair place to sip your Negroni. With a nice touch, many of the cocktails on the menu are inspired by colourful past residents of the Bloomsbury area. The bar is also equipped with mouth-watering and equally as interesting snacks, including Devon crab and salt cod croquettes. Throw on your finery, order a drink and spend an evening lounging at this oh-so suave hot-spot.
Instagram: @fitzsbar
Fitz's Bar is the kind of place where jeans and a tee don't quite fit the bill. Try play with textures in a blazer-coat combination. The layering and subtle mix of floral and stripe prints reflect the charming decor of this venue, and will help you fit right in.

Heads + Tails

The premise of this bar is that when you flip a coin, no matter which side you land on, you win. The ground floor of this venue is 'heads', complete with outdoor seating and a sheltered garden. Flooded with light and decorated with a soft colour-scheme, the drinks reflect the vibe - think fresh, fruity, white spirits. To get to 'tails', wander down a set of stairs to a room with much more of an intimate, late-night bar atmosphere. Here, there is more emphasis on beer, brown-stirred drinks and crowd-pleasing playlists; ideal for date nights. Two for the price of one; start your evening out in heads and make your way down to tails as the night jabber's on.
Instagram: @headsandtailsnw
Instagram: @headsandtailsnw
A knit and tailored trouser combo walks the smart-casual line so well. It is so nicely balanced, working in a relaxed atmosphere just as well as a more intimate, late-night mood. As London can get a bit chilly, you might want to have a scarf and coat on-call too.

Mother Kelly's

Tucked away in a backstreet, this self-described taproom has 33 beer taps that'll excite even the biggest beer buff. In contrast to our other top picks, there is nothing flashy about this venue, the appeal lying strongly in its range of beer and ciders. Most of the brews can only be served in smaller quantities due to their alcohol content - it is clear they are designed to be savoured not sculled. Mother Kelly's also has a shop section so if you care to enjoy any of the drinks in your own time, you are more than welcome.
Instagram: @tulleehoo
The most casual of our five venues, your favourite jeans and tee will fit right in at Mother Kelly's. Layering your t-shirt with a knit gives a tipping affect, while a puffa jacket or vestkeeps you cozy while sticking to the laid-back vibe.


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