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Learn Some Style Genius with Jeremy Piven

For actor Jeremy Piven, there was no role more perfect than that of the stylish Ari Gold on the hit TV series Entourage. Piven played the role for seven years, and it seems Gold's stylish persona sat very well with actor.

His latest television project, Mr Selfridge, sees Piven playing the role of Harry Gordon Selfridge as he embarks on opening a modern department store at the 'back-end" of London. So is art imitating life when it comes to Piven and fashion?

Outside of his acting roles, Piven's style is a more relaxed, American version of an English gentleman. According to Men's Fashion magazine, it's a look that really works for him.

Piven is a big fan of layering and seems to have the art down pat. He's also not afraid to use contrasting colours such as with the suit blazer and pants combo he is frequently seen in. It's a wise move, as blazers are hot right now.

To finish off his look, Piven works his groomed facial hair well, giving off a rugged, yet sophisticated vibe.


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