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How to Channel Don Draper's Style

Since the success of AMC's Mad Men, men all over the world are starting to rethink the grey suit. Don Draper in particular showed how to perfectly dress for success, inspiring men to hit their local tailors.

According to Valet magazine, in order to pull off the Don Draper look, it's important to sweat the finer details. Here's what you'll need:

Crisp white shirt: A crisp white shirt gives a classic and executive-style effect. To really channel Draper, you'll need a smear of red lipstick on the collar to show off that "cad about town" look he does so well.

Retro tie: A vintage tie takes your suit to the next level.

Pocket square: Draper would never be caught out without his gentlemanly extras such as his pocket square. Draper is a fan of the straight fold.

Grey suit: A grey suit is a stylish accessory every man should own, regardless of whether or not you head a company such as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Black shoes: Black shoes finish off the look perfectly and show you mean business.


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