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Giving an the Gift of an Oxford Gift Card

art1Once upon a time it was considered impersonal to give the gift of a gift card, but these days gift cards are one of the most popular choices of any present. In 2013, it was estimated the average person spent $163 on gift cards, bringing the total gift card market to a whopping $29.8 billion.

Gift cards are gaining popularity for a reason. They allow the receiver to purchase exactly what it is they want, guaranteeing you a perfect gift every time. They can also be very personal gifts when their personality is considered. Know their favourite restaurant? A gift card allows them to book a table at a time that best suits them. Know their favourite jewellery brand? A gift card allows them to purchase earrings to perfectly match a new outfit.

For men and women of all ages, you cannot go wrong with a clothing gift card. Everyone needs clothes, and when they are given a voucher for a store that offers style and comfort, they are guaranteed to find something they will fall in love with. An Oxford gift card is the perfect example.

About Oxford

Oxford is one of Australia?s best loved fashion houses, having first been established in 1978. The first store was opened at Bondi Junction in Sydney?s Eastern suburbs, and the concept was exactly what the city needed at the time.

Sydney was once dominated by designer clothing and a middle market aimed at the everyday man and woman. Oxford offered an alternative - a bridge between the two.

Over time, Oxford gained popularity and by the early 1980s the company had secured the reputation as an innovative, ?quirky? and alternative option to higher priced brands. By 1990, Sydney was home to six Oxford stores, all selling individual, high quality clothing at affordable prices.

Since then, Oxford has grown steadily, increasing its store numbers to include an additional 20 stores in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Now online, Oxford?s modern, contemporary and stylish collections are available to men and women right across the country.

Why give an Oxford Gift Card?

An Oxford gift card makes the ideal last-minute present and is perfect for even the fussiest of receivers. With a range of dresses, shirts, tops, suits, jackets, shoes and accessories, there is something for everyone at Oxford.

Gift cards can be sent via Australia Post or be given as an electronic gift card (email). To purchase a gift card, simply select the value you wish to purchase and decide how and where it needs to be sent. The voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, meaning the recipient has plenty of time to find an item/s to best suit their style. Recipients can spend their gift card in any Oxford store or browse the huge online range.

An Oxford gift card can be given as a thank you gift, a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas present. It also makes the perfect incentive for staff as part of a corporate rewards program.

Looking for a gift that will be cherished and appreciated? Give the gift of an Oxford gift card today.


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