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Get Some Fashion Schooling from The OC

The days of American teen drama The OC might be behind us, but that doesn't mean it has been forgotten about. According to Vogue, there are seven fashion lessons we can learn from the Orange County youngsters:

1. Mix luxe with casual

Who says you can't wear a Chanel bag with casual separates?

2. Flats can be worn with everything

Marissa Cooper showed that flats can look great with any outfit, providing the hemline is kept short.

3. Add flair to jeans with an embellished top

Dress up jeans with a gorgeous top with embellished detail and long jewellery.

4. Never be afraid to overdress

Instead of worrying that you'll be overdressed for an event, wear something spectacular, but go for minimal accessories.

5. Make use of hair accessories

Having a bad hair day? Keep wild strands back with a headband or headscarf.

6. Dress together

When going for a group shot, opt for similar necklines for dramatic impact. Style and colour can vary as much as you want, but keep necklines similar.

7. Prep will always be cool

Seth Cohen pulled off preppy well and managed to bring the look into many guys' wardrobes. Look for clean lines, high quality textiles, close fits and modest cuts.


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