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Essential Men?s Style Tips from Instagram?s Fashion Experts

Wondering how to take your gentleman look to the next level? Well, you?re in luck. A little advice can go a long way in gaining some valuable knowledge when it comes to fashion, and it can open many opportunities and ideas for you to explore.We?ve compiled a list with 10 style tips from the top Aussie Instagram fashion experts - just a bit of fashion wisdom tailored especially for you.

1. Get a charcoal suit - Brian Liu @thefilteredfit

In this post, Brian Liu provides his answer to a question all men have asked at some point - what?s the best colour suit to buy? If you?re in the market for your next suit, the suit enthusiast and author of fashion blog The Filtered Fit suggests charcoal is a great option, as it?s versatile and goes with any colour shirt or tie.

2. Rock a corduroy jacket - Shaun Birley @shaunbirley

Coffee, travel and fashion enthusiast Shaun Birley gives us a solid piece of advice: corduroy jackets are back. They?re a perfect addition to keep you warm, and before you think that the colder temperatures are gone with the winter, remember spring is well-known for windy weather. Just as Shaun is sporting in the photo, pair your corduroy jacket with chino pants for the ultimate dapper look.

3. Have a suit for every occasion - Simon Hancock @mrsimonhancock

Who said suits were reserved exclusively for work, events or city life? Clearly not lifestyle enthusiast Simon Hancock. In this photo, we can see him rocking a perfectly tailored suit while cruising along the Italian Riviera. And it also seems like it?s advice Italian men live by. So get ready to suit up - no matter where you are.

4. Smell good - Paul Juchima @paul_juchima

Men?s style is not all about clothing - it?s about the complete look. And part of the complete look involves grooming and smelling good, according to content creator and men?s style enthusiast Paul Juchima. Scents can make us feel good, help us reduce stress and can even trigger memories - so make sure your scent is not something you overlook when it comes to your outfit and always kickstart your day on a fresh note.

5. Play with contrasting tones - Paul Juchima @paul_juchima

Another piece of solid advice from Paul Juchima is to be bold and play a little with your colour combinations in your outfit, specifically when it comes to wearing contrasting tones and adding some colour to the final look. In the photo, we can see that Paul went with dark pants and a cream blazer, and added that much-needed pop of colour with his red tie and handkerchief.

6. Own a pair of chinos - Paul Juchima @paul_juchima

Paul Juchima also advises us to always have a pair of chino pants on hand. Chino pants are incredibly versatile, and can go both ways when sporting a casual look as well as a more formal one. As Juchima best explains it, is the ?perfect casual work wear?. You can pair them with a slim-fitted shirt to achieve Paul?s look in the photo.

7. Match your jacket with your shoes - Stephen Kay @theyounggent

Young gent Stephen Kay is on a mission to modernise the classic gentleman look and lifestyle - and his Instagram is proof of that. His tip? Don?t be afraid to match your jacket with your shoes - especially if they are both made of suede. Suede jackets were huge in the 90?s - comfy, cosy and incredible stylish. Apparently, it?s time to start rocking them again. But, of course, don?t forget to match it with stylish boots.

8. Look after your shoes - Stephen Kay @theyounggent

More advice from Stephen Kay - look after your shoes. As he puts its, it?s an art form that?s slowly fading, especially for millennials. A good, quality pair of leather shoes should last a long time - but it can last even longer if we take proper care of them. So get polishing, and enjoy great-looking shoes.

9. Look after your skin - Jay Wilde

Melbourne-based stylist Jay Wilde reminds us that men?s style (and a good day) starts way before you pick your outfit. Grooming is an essential part of personal care, and moisturising is not reserved for women only. Skincare is a really important habit, especially here in Australia, where the harsh sun can be both a blessing and a curse. So make time for a healthy skincare routine, every morning.

10. Own a pair of white sneakers - Jay Wilde

Jay Wilde also wants us to know that owning a pair of white sneakers is a must in every man?s wardrobe. And we think he?s totally right. Shoes that go with everything in a casual environment are really useful when it comes to those days you?re unsure of what to wear. Plus, the fact that they are super comfy is also a very important factor.

11. Floral tie - Josh Azzi @thedistinguishedgentleman_

Spring has sprung and menswear and fashion enthusiast Josh Azzi is all for floral ties completing your suited-up look - and honestly, who wouldn?t be? What can be more perfect that rocking a floral tie in springtime? It also gives extra points to your outfit if the tie?s tones match the ones of your pants and jackets. Perfect combination!

Taking style advice from Instagram?s top influencers

So, the top menswear and fashion Instagrammers have spoken. What are you waiting for? Achieve that fresh and polished look you?ve been hoping for with these tips - and remember, you can always follow these gents of Instagram so you?re always in the scoop.


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