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Coming Soon to Your Wardrobe: Men?s Autumn/Winter Fashion 2015


Magazines and advertisements surrounding women’s fashion dominate our televisions and newsstands, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the world of men’s style. The runways of Paris, London, and Milan have been busy showcasing the latest trends for autumn and winter 2015, and there are some fashions that will have more than just your mum nodding her head in approval.

Studies show that men shop less often than women, and in turn, when they do shop they usually end up spending more. Focusing on solid investment pieces and building upon them season after season is a good way to ensure your wardrobe stays fresh and on-trend.

The big designers have all had their say on what they think you should be wearing this year, and we’ve shared some of our favourite tips and advice to help get your wardrobe in tiptop shape for what is considered one of the best seasons in terms of style.

Subtle additions: Spice it up

Colour, colour, colour. While an easy ‘go to’ for many men is to dress simply in black, try mixing that up with some brighter shades this season. For pops of subtle colour, add an orange scarf, a green vest or burgundy trousers to highlight and brighten slurry and drab colours without making you feel as though your clothes are screaming for attention.

That said, the Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria has made its way onto runways this year, and grey is the new black no matter the shade. So if bright, popping colours aren’t quite your thing, try the shades of grey, but keep the focus on the way you style and tailor your outfit.

The lower the better - what neckline?

Huge designers from Bottega Veneta to Versace have all taken the plunge with necklines this season. All types of shirts, jackets, vests, and anything designed to cover the male torso was? well, not covering the male torso. Abs and chest hair make their debut as these items have plummeted the lowest we’ve seen them go.

While walking down the street with this new trend may get you some lingering gazes of admiration, it can’t do much for the chilly breezes of autumn and winter. Lucky for you, ‘layering’ was another hot trend on the runways this year. This year’s approach to layering tackles not only the desire to add clothing upon clothing, but to actively make use of texture and colour when layering.

Getting shirty

What to look for in the classic wardrobe staple, mens shirts this season? As well as the aforementioned colours of the moment like green and grey, choose patterned shirts with horizontal stripes or painterly splashes to make your outfit. With black also taking centre stage this year, combine slim-legged black jeans with solid colour and classic white shirts. Both shirtsleeves and pant-legs will be turned back to create cuffs, and as if to keep up with the growing size of iPhones, pockets are also getting larger. Oversized pockets are looking to spice up your coat hangers on everything from shirts to outerwear.

Outerwear: Coats can be sexy too

Seen draped over the top of all this layering of prints and textures on the runways was everything from woolen overcoats with oversized pockets to the classic black leather jacket. Square patterns and patches are particularly popular in outerwear this year, as are the endless possibilities of accessories to keep those heads, necks, and hands warm.

You can never go wrong with denim?

Denim - the defining image of masculinity for the past sixty odd years. It has not gone away this year, with head to toe denim in every capacity being used on the runways. Despite the above phrase, please, please, keep in mind how to avoid a denim catastrophe. Wear your denim responsibility and stick to neat, sharp, and dark hues.

Baggy is bank!

Skinny, thin, and tight has been around for so long that it was a little shocking to see the high waisted and far looser cut of men’s trousers this season. Thanks to lessons learned from the 70s, flared bottoms were kept well away, but you can imagine how much easier the walk down the runway was this year.

Ready to take what you’ve learned and prepare your wardrobe for the onslaught of colder weather? Check out our Autumn / Winter collection here today.


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