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A Guide to Men's Loungewear

It may not be the most fashionable of looks, and should certainly never be worn outside, but every man needs to include 'loungewear' in his wardrobe.

When you've had a hard day at work, coming home and slipping on something comfortable is the best way to start relaxing. While you deserve to kick back in something comfy, you still want to ensure that should someone come a'knocking, you're not going to get caught out in your daggiest wears.

According to Men's Fashion magazine, being comfy doesn't have to mean ugly. Even the comfiest of gear has the right to some sense of style.

1. Matching

Matching loungewear tends to lean more towards sleepwear, so this might not be a great option if you are planning on a lazy day at home. If, however, it's late when you walk in the door, a matching set is a good choice.

2. Mixing

A graphic t-shirt with sweatpants is great for watching the cricket on the sofa all day, but for a cosier option, go for an oversized jumper.

3. Socks and slippers

No one likes having cold tootsies, so keep them warm in socks and slippers.


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