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A Guide to Caring for Your Sweater

There's nothing worse than your favourite sweater shrinking in the wash or finding a pull in the yarn. Sweaters take a little bit of extra care and maintenance, but they are worth it on cooler nights when they keep you snug, cosy and stylish.

Valet magazine offered a guide to maintaining your sweater:


Rather than send your sweater to the dry cleaners, which can strip the natural oil from the yarn, try turning your sweater inside out and washing by hand. This will get rid of the build up of sweat from the part that sits closest to your body.


Often referred to as 'pilling', fuzz happens when a sweater is made from lesser quality knits. Invest in a sweater stone, and fuzz can easily be fixed.


If you find your sweater is too scratchy, try washing it with hair conditioner, which will soften the wool fibres.


A sweater should always be folded rather than hung on a hanger, as this will stretch it out.


Pretreat stains with an enzyme-based remover.


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