Add some flair with Oxford's men's belts

A belt is a necessary item for any guy's wardrobe. Men are expected to wear belts for most occasions. Yet, aside from their practical advantages, a belt can be the finishing touch to an outfit and say a lot about who you are.

Whether you are after a classic, simple look or a more formal belt, Oxford has the belt for you. Our range includes all-rounders (belts that can be worn with almost any pant), and sleek corporate-style belts that will compliment any suit.

Finding the right men's belt online

Browse our online range to find the right belt for you. If looking for a belt you can wear most days, opt for a thicker belt in classic black or brown leather and remember to look for the right fit. Belts should sit nice and snug but still feel comfortable.

To view descriptions or to zoom in, click on the belt image. Once you've found the right belt, add it to your online shopping bag. You can then choose to check out or continue shopping our range of designer clothes for the working professional man.

Shipped direct to you

Expect to see your belt arrive in the mailbox within 2-3 business days. You could also benefit from our special offer of free shipping on orders over $100. You can find out more by checking out our delivery guidelines.

If, when your new belt arrives, it's not the right fit or style you were after that's no problem. You can exchange it or get a refund by simply sending it back. Just remember that at first a new belt will feel tight and rigid - give them a few days to settle in.

Enjoy shopping our online range of men's belts!